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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Alpha server preset available

    We now have a Preset for the Alpha and Bravo servers available thru Sixupdater. The YML's for each server can be found by clicking on the center Homepage tab and to the right and under the Six symbol click the Communities tab. Now scroll down till you see and the yml's for each server are shown. Just by clicking on the yml address it will put a preset in the Dynamic area in the left panel.

    The setup and checklist in the Arma Sop and Technical thread has been updated to insure ease of setting up for anyone.
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    Re: Alpha server preset available

    Why the insistence in making this harder than necessary for Alpha only players? Just a post with links to STHUD, (STMovements if it is now allowed because recently it hasn’t been), CBA and the current extra map please please please. Then for the ease of us regulars on TS please put the link to the forum post in the Alpha Channel so we can get the information and pass it on quickly while in game. Thanks guys


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      Re: Alpha server preset available

      @Zap - Really with the link provided and using Six Updater it is as easy as it could get. You get the files updated, if ever there are changes everyone will have the updates, and everyone has a launcher that is configured automatically. Anyone can still join the server plain ol' vanilla with no problem. We still have the Emita City available to download separately but then you have the launching problem to still fix.

      Also Zap, this guide is meant as a one stop walk through guide for anyone helping a player through Six Updater. Its not for Alpha alone so I see how it'd look to ya.

      Really did the link in TS idea. Doing that now....

      edit: The yml link was already there.
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        Re: Alpha server preset available

        @Zapp, it's not a requirement to have the Alpha server preset to play on Alpha. It's just easier for the @TGAlpha content to be made available. Also, when you set the preset up it loads with @sthud, @stmovement, @TGAlpha, expansion/beta, and all the required @CBA's. Yet, all Vanilla Arma2 players are not restricted from joining the server.

        P.S. The title did say available and not mandatory. lol

        P.P.S. If you just want an Alpha server preset that is ok. You don't have to set the Bravo Preset and have to download any other mods.
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