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  • [INFO] Six updater help

    After an update for ACE or ACRE, or any update for that matter, your Sixupdater might reset to default settings, which will cause connection problems to the Bravo server. So, until myself or other Admins are available to assit you on TS, here is a list of items to check to setup Sixupdater you can do yourself.

    1. Make sure the Beta box has a check mark in the Home tab and the Game profile tab area.

    2. Make sure the profile in the Home tab and the Preset tab area is set to A2OA Combined Ops ( Forced).

    3. Delete the Bravo Preset in the Dynamic/Preset area. Go to the Communites tab, found by clicking the Homepage tab in the middle of SU, Click the Communites tab, scroll down and look for Click the Bravo YML.

    Now this should help to reset Sixupdater for you and you will see the correct files listed. Also if you uninstalled and reinstalled Sixupdater make sure you go to Options and clear the Severmod box.

    Post in the Technical Support thread for any problems with connecting.

    PM me for a time to meet on TS if you are still having problems.

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    Re: Six updater help

    There have been SO many people with issues, this is a very helpful thread!

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      Re: Six updater help

      Its a good idea to press the save button in six updater once ya have all the stuff sorted as well ...

      I know its saved me quite a few hassles !!

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        Re: Six updater help

        I find it super helpful for both sides if the person needing help goes to: then gives you their URL.

        Quick guide on how to help others with
        Step one:
        Step two: - check box basic then click the orange arrow.
        Step three: - click open (will look similar when using chrome)
        Step four: - run it
        Step five: - give the other person your share url so they can help you.

        I would have made this into one big image with text, but I have no idea what I'm doing in


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          Re: Six updater help

          Thanks zebra, but we already use this and another program but only if necessary. I have helped alot of people set their Six up without the use of these programs. I Know how to talk them through with 100% success.

          p.s. I don't know paint either.


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            Re: Six updater help

            @BLIP -- Thanks for pointing out the Save button. That will surely help with alot of the reset problems after an update. I Have updated my Blog to include that as the last step and will have the guide in the Technical support thread updated as well.


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              Zebra, small images with text between is far superior to large image with embedded text, thanks :)

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                Re: Six updater help

                @Balfa and zebra -- Here is an early guide Warfairy helped with the clipped images. Just scroll down to the Sixupdater info in the "Hitchhikers Guide" by Dredge located in the first link.

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