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  • M109A4 Paladin

    Anyone thought about it? Its loads of cool and quite useful. (not to mention realistic)

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    Re: M109A4 Paladin

    I've taken a pretty good look at it. It would allow for realistic indirect fire support that didn't require someone to be explicitly trained in the system (like ACE Artillery). A lot of it is pretty straight forward, but it still takes some practice to get used to.
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      Re: M109A4 Paladin

      I like the ACE artillery but I also like the idea of not having to need the training too. Plus, being able to move these around opens up some interesting counter battery type missions. is interesting anywho.
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        Re: M109A4 Paladin

        I haven't tested the ACE Artillery so far... much too complicated for me xD

        But I have tested the Paladin (online).
        Its a very awesome, effective and easy to use Weapon System.
        Usually you have a 3-men Team to operate it:
        Gunner, Commander and a Loader.
        The Commander receives the Fire Orders on the Radio (6 or 8-digit Grid, Elevation, what kind of Ammo etc) notes them down and starts calculating with the Computer System (which is every easy to use, but looks very cool). He then moves the Turret automatically into the right position, by pressing a button on his Computer Interface. The Gunner selects the rounds, which the Loader loads into the vehicle (as Gear I think). The Gunner selects the different settings, which he gets from the Commander, and then he loads the round and makes it ready (there are a few settings to select). Only the Gunner can fire the weapon, and he has a little red "FIRE" Button on the Buttom right, which starts flashing of the gun is ready.
        Also, you can drive the Paladin around (Commander has a Button, which makes the turrent getting "paranted" to a clamp at the front, because its pretty long and heavy), and as far as I know it is possible to fire (accurate) while moving!

        Its pretty useful and I would love to see it in Missions!




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