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  • I love you.

    I can't escape you. I've tried many times. You're the one addiction that I don't want to quit. You don't cause headaches in the morning or even cost me money. You bring smiles to my face and great things to my ears. I've spent many years in this house with other people, but while you and I might be in a new relationship, I love you no less. You're mostly perfect. But we're on a downward spiral I feel. You and I seem to be fading into the sea of life. I don't want to lose you. I feel we should see each other more. I want to hold your hand, and you mine. I love you.

    I feel this relationship should be taken to the next level. I know we already have a few Maps, but how about we adopt another Map and maybe some new Skins or Mods? We've always wanted more Maps, Mods and Skins, right? You wanted more Desert Maps and I wanted to add some City/Urban ones too. You wanted some cooler British Skins and I wanted some with unnecessary SF looking things all over the backpacks and helmet. I know you and I can't make one together so adoption is our only option. You don't have to answer now, but I feel this is something we should discuss, okay?

    You can see the look of fear in his eyes if you look close enough

    I have an idea. How about you and go on a date? You know, like old times. How does 3PM EST on Friday sound? I'm terrible with time zones so maybe you can help me what time that is in your zone. I know, one of my great friends Bl1p has this great place called MSO. We can meet there and maybe go out to a CO-OP after we're done eating and drinking. We can even discuss Maps, Skins or Mods over dinner, but I think it's something we shouldn't rush into and we should talk about it more. So it's a date? Great.

    Hey, I have another idea. How about we do a double date and you bring your friend Notplayingbecausedayz or maybe Neveraroundlatetly. I hear they're not getting out as much, so maybe you should call them and we can double date. It will be a great day to remember. I promise.

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    Re: I love you.


    My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
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      Re: I love you.

      rofl! I don't get it, but rofl!


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        Re: I love you.

        You wrote a poem about a game server?
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        "Kirov is boss"
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          Re: I love you.

          I... erm...



          "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly." David Hackworth


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            Re: I love you.

            Originally posted by J.B. View Post
            You wrote a poem about a game server?
            Are you a computer? Or a program? Are you a computer program?

            I'm quite sure I've had experiences with you and the rest who have posted in this thread. The bad and the good. Life is made of nothing but memory and experiences. I can know nothing without memory and nothing without experiences. TG is a community.


            While I disagree that TG has ever been a game server, or X number of pixels I feel that If you're not a computer then I wrote a poem of sorts about a community who I feel is breaking apart. Perhaps you don't feel the same. I do feel that TG is breaking apart. I've already seen several other people cheating on TG with another mistress (myself included) and I feel it will only get worse.

            And by worse I mean that the TG community will continue to lose it's core members (the people who made me come back after a few months leave). I stayed for the new people who I found to be nice, funny or amazing (after much thought I've decided to remove their names and instead say there are a number of them). Most if not all of these people have stopped their playtime or cut it back due to reasons some known, and some unknown to me.

            I however know for a fact that some of this decline might be due to no real updates to the TG server. Nothing new jhas come for quite some time. Same problem that is plaguing the BF2:PR community right now. No new updates or new content makes players less likely to come back for more. The last time a bit of the community got up in arms about a new change, certain people shot it down. This didnt vibrate well within certain parts of the community. Thus they left/cut back playtime.

            TG server over the past month

            You can blame this on time of the year all you want, but the fact reamains that as things are looking quite bad for this community. While TG has been having issues fielding over 20 players on a good day other communities have no issues fielding 15+ in lulls for a 'bad' (seems to be about 3-6AM EST) time of day. With equal or better gameplay. More players and equal or better gameplay. Why would I play with 10 people when I could play with 30 and just as great a time with some of the same people that frequent here?

            Other server over the past month

            Some of you might say 'Well, you have just as great a time on the other server, so why bother playing here?'. Because you. Because certain parts of the player base in this community are all fun, and all seriousness at the same time. "Because you can't compare communities like that", I might even respond.


            J.B. Don't think this was directed at you. You're just the first to actually ask a question and I figured I'd respond off of your question.


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              Re: I love you.

              I've noticed the trend of people dissapearing too. Hell, I'm dissapearing as well... as much as I loved TG, I don't feel I love what it's been turning into over the last couple of months.

              In regards to nothing new coming along... eh, dunno. Sometimes new stuff is put in, time and effort poured into making missions, and then people don't play them. Even more confusing, they go back to exactly the same missions they'd been playing before and complaining about. So, I'm shuffling away from TG. Not completely, but it's lost the glue that kept me here - the people. They've been dissapearing. And also the feeling that trying to do anything is like feeding an ever hungry maw.


              "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly." David Hackworth


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                Re: I love you.

                The people are still here. While they don't play as much as they used to, they are still here. Some are trying other games, some are taking a break. I have seen it before. It is also that time of year where school is getting ready to end so people are focusing on studies and getting their final grades. Just watch, the summer will hit and people will come back once they have more time.


                KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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                  Re: I love you.

                  I'm not that long here, but I have to agree that the people are "disappearing"...

                  I'm here nearly every day, sitting in TS (Waiting Room or ArmA) and nobody is joining... for hours. Maybe one or two people are dropping in for a few short action games, but thats it... sadly.

                  Also I need to agree with zebra, that other Servers have alot more Players and equal or even more professional gameplay... While we are lucky with 6 people Patrol Ops, and 20 People in a regular mission, other Communities have like 15-20 people sitting on Server all the time... Events even up to 60 or more. I can't really tell why it is like this. I personally ONLY play at TG, because I like the people, the atmosphere and all that stuff, and I really don't want to loose that.
                  But there are no more players to play with, and that could be a problem.

                  I think it has absolutly nothing to do with the time, if its Summer or Winter, or school ends. Maybe some players have less time to play, but the player count constantly dropped alot in the past few weeks.

                  Also interesting, alot of players are playing DayZ mod, and I haven't ever seen like 90% of them on the Bravo Server, or active in ArmA at all.
                  Maybe zebra is right, and the players are just getting bored and want new stuff to explore. But we should try to stay with Tactical Realism, because this is really rare in the world of ArmA 2, and the only Community with equal gamplay is UnitedOps... the "real" Tactical Realism is dying in ArmA. I think that the players don't want to drop on the Server with only 2 or 3 players to play Patrol Ops, on an "semi realistic" atmosphere. They play ArmA (and join Communities) in the assumption to have alot of (active) Players, and sadly thats what we are currently missing.
                  Maybe we could try to have more Events, Joint Ops with other Communities, maybe a YouTube channel with weekly Gameplay Footage to recruit new players and stuff like that. ArmA 2 is still a very active game, and people love to play it.
                  But I think the standard of gameplay in ArmA dropped in the last month/years. While at the beginning people buyed ArmA and played it "hardcore milsim", people now just hopp on the server and hurry hurry hurry from one objective to the next, with the target to complete the objective. I think only a few players in the ArmA world are still playing it because of the fun of "playing it realistic", instead of just hurry to complete objectives.

                  Lets try to open the windows and get some fresh air in xD


                  PS: I love you, too!


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                    Re: I love you.

                    I agree almost entirely with what Andy said.

                    Firstly: Spreading the love.


                    I came to ArmA TG without even LOOKING for another server. To be honest, I have never even played another server in ArmA than the Bravo server. I knew what I was looking for when I started, and I especially knew where to find it. That being said, there is definitely a serious issue. When I FIRST started I could get into a good game with a bunch of good players any day, now I find myself making missions because noone is in the TS. It's outrageous. I have always considered TG to be the best of the best, but after looking at the statistics above, I'm starting to wonder.

                    There is no doubt TG has all the capability to be everything anyone is looking for. I have seen it, and I know it. I think what is happening is that the certain flare that comes with playing with TG is starting to go. I don't think it has to do with the lack of new content, as much as it does the lack of any immersion within the community lately. I actually applaud you zebra, in bringing this to everyone's attention in such a unique way.

                    I think Andy made a few great points, and I'm going to highlight them.

                    - Positives (in my opinion)
                    • The Players here are awesome, I can always count on a good game if we can get one started.
                    • The community is well built and serious.
                    • The server is relatively easy to get into, and extremely easy if you include alpha.

                    - Negatives (in my opinion)
                    • Although open to new players, the community doesn't do much outside of the TS or server itself, and not many people stumble upon the TG forums.
                    • A lack of exciting immersive events leave players with the same few people and missions, will usually the same outcome.

                    - How to improve (in my opinion)
                    • Firstly, I think that backing the community and server with a more outward approach might make the server more easily populated, and this would bring players to the server. I've seen plenty of sweet ArmA 2 videos on YouTube, for instance, done by United Operations. Those videos are the ones I show off to my friends when I tell them about ArmA. I know TG has a good amount of videos and such, but they are apparently unorganized and lack consistency. YouTube is a GREAT outlet for communities like this to open up to more people.

                    You may also want to consider supporting a weekly podcast or something by some of the players (over a private TS channel, perhaps?) who can describe changes/updates in the server, tell AAR's, or something. In general, things like this add a new dynamic to the community. I know finding people to do this would be difficult, as it is quite a commitment, but it's just an example.

                    • As far as the events go, I realize that we are actually bringing a lot of new events and such, and I think it's great... But I am more referring to only semi-organized things. The password Tuesday's were a great idea, but those are quite introvert compared to alternatives, such as a weekly semi-signup event or a "Community Dev Showcase" where we can play missions developed by members of the community. Things like this will really bring the community together a bit tighter. I have always thought that following or just before any signup event, I felt like I was really getting to know and getting closer to the guys I was assigned to work with. You just don't get that aspect when you JIP or even pre-game slot.

                    Here's something that I also want to bring up that has only been mildly mentioned thus far: The serious tactical and realistic game play. I know that following real military procedures can be difficult at times, considering on a few members of our community are actually trained to do this, but I feel like there has been a serious decrease in the amount of serious game play going on. Whenever someone wants to use something realistic, such as JTAC'ing, everyone shuns it as too much of a hassle. It doesn't help when there are some members of the community (that I've noticed) that blatantly don't follow the SOP's, or simply are too impatient to help newcomers.

                    Now this isn't to say that those things aren't happening. In fact, more often than not a new-comer will be trained up and the rules will be followed, I'm just saying- there doesn't seem to be too much enforcing when it doesn't happen.

                    If you just got through all of that, you probably disagree with something I say... please sir, I welcome your opinions and will consider them entirely.

                    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. -Albert Einstein


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                      Interesting approach to the conversation, zebra :)

                      Server population had always ebbed and flowed. I myself am playing more and more skyrim and altitude these days, but I still get on bravo now and then.

                      Btw, I find irony in your timing of this post, considering diablo 3 is about to wash over the landscape, pulling many a soul down into its murky depths and tapping them there for weeks if not months on end :)

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                        Re: I love you.

                        Well, I've semi-disappeared. Had a crazy week or two at work. And now that convention season is here, (one last weekend, going to another this weekend, and maybe another June 8-10) I just haven't had the time.

                        That said, I'm looking to try DayZ for a bit this week.

                        And I love you too!

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                          Re: I love you.

                          Im addicted to dayz ill be back when my addiction ends :)

                          Ive been Living in the woods eating boar and cows for the past 3 days 237 zomibie kills 3 bandits.

                          Also have had a chopper a bus a car and a bike

                          Went Evil at one point and lured in some unsuspecting Survivors into a trap :( but Evil blip is no more... Boars, Berries and Zombies for me.. and any nasty bandits I encounter

                          Ill come outa the woods at some point have a shave and come play some Bravo goodness.

                          The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.


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                            Re: I love you.

                            TG has a cycle, every year there are times when the server fills and games are played every night and all is great, then the population drops players leave for other games and the older gamers go back into hibernation to await the days when the servers are full again.

                            Happens every year without fail

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                              Re: I love you.

                              It's a good thing I read the text between all the pictures....




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