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  • Give me a face

    I've never messed with the faces of ArmA, and i want to give myself a face for Dayz so that people can more easily identify me. How do i go about altering my characters skin and face. Will these changes carry over into ACE as well without a problem.

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    Re: Give me a face

    There is a face pack you can download, but the only trouble is finding the server that will allow it. Some wont because of its size or whathaveyou.


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      Re: Give me a face

      Needs to be the ArmA texture file thingy, rather than a jpg or whatever. Or at least, it's easier if it is.


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        Re: Give me a face

        Currently our max custom face file size is = 0. It has been so for the 2 years I've been playing ArmA here my assumption is that its for good reason. I'm sure there are lots of good and bad that could be done with custom files.
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          Re: Give me a face

          He's talkin about the DayZ servers Unk ;)


          KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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            Re: Give me a face

            you make a JPG like this for example
            which is one by whitman that I altered for myself.


            It then goes in your Documents/ARMA2 folder
            Ya then select the custom face in ya profile.

            But like stated above the server needs to allow custom files.
            Problem with that is it also allows custom sounds at the same time which can be very very annoying

            you can also do this ..

            Open the "Yourname.ArmA2Profile" in Documents/ARMA2 folder and look almost at the bottom where it looks like this:

            class Identity

            Every face has a set of six camo faces that dont show in the profile selections ingame.

            So what ya do is select the face ya want
            then check your cfg and find the faces number

            for example Face01
            would be Face01_camo1 or Face02_camo1 etc etc

            six types of camo

            There was an easy to use list I found once but i cant find it now

            If i rember right you can use the OA faces as follows face01_ep1 would be face01_camo1_ep1 or something like that :)

            Hope this helped :)

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