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New ArmA Game Officer Announced

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] New ArmA Game Officer Announced

    In case you missed the official announcement:

    These guys deserve our thanks and appreciation. Thank you very much!

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    Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

    Many thanks to Dredge for everything, you have been a great asset to this community and will be truly missed.

    Unkl, congratulations! Your the right man for the job and you will no doubt do great things with the community. Thanks for stepping up! :)


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      Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

      Dredge it was an honor to have been under your command. I wish you well and poke me in TS if you need help with Six. UnkL, congrats to a well deserved promotion and recognition for all that you have done and will continue to do as our new leader.


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        Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

        Thank you both. What a testament to this community that as one legend steps aside a new one is borne. Thank you both for all the work, thank you for the effort, you are what makes TG unique and somewhere I am proud to call home. Dredge the Hall of Fame bar is over here, about time someone brought you a drink Sir, Unk, get to work lol.


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          Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

          Let me add my voice to welcoming the new ArmA GO and add that the game is in good hands moving forward (ArmA3 is just around the corner). Dredge's tenure was nothing less than exemplary and Unk you have some big shoes to fill.
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            Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

            Congratulations to both Dredge and Unkl.

            You guys have held this title together through thick and thin. A very commendable job indeed.

            Unkl, looking forward to working with you.
            Dredge, my trigger fingers itchy. Come join me.

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              Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

              Dredge, I always have and always will respect you.

              Thank you for taking the TG helm as long as you did.


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                Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                Hip hip Horrah! That you for the time and effort you both have been putting in. Dredge, I hope to still be in the flaming carcass that you claim to be a "helicopter" or a "fixed-wing". Unk, you gots some big shoes to fill and I'm sure you can handle it!
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                  Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                  Dredge a short time after I first became active here at TG you took over as ArmA GO. Through your efforts everything improved. Hopefully you’re staying on with the DayZ mod as I know Unk has no interest in it. Everyone, including me, looks to you being the head Zed as you have done outstanding job getting that started and keeping it on track. And Unk I’ll still be seeing you on Alpha. Thanks to both of you and all the admins for what you do.


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                    Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                    Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone. From the newest player, to the oldest veteran, and my entire admin team. It has been one heckuva ride! We have seen this community evolve so much in my time here. So many great memories, some not so great (I swear I didn't see that AA that one time). TG has become my second home, and everyone here my extended family. I look forward to what the new leadership will bring in the future!

                    Unk, I expect great things from you as you head your team. I know you will do great. I want to assure everyone that I will still be floating around and helping you all to shoot at your new GO ;) Just remember, it's not official till someone frags him on the server.


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                      Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                      Dredge,thanks for all you have done for the Arma community, sorry to see you leave but Unk is a proper replacement. Congrats Unk.


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                        Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                        Dredge, it's not easy to see you go. It is good to see you back in game & enjoying some play time. You have a lot of respect and all your efforts are much appreciated. You have also shown a great deal of patience and kindness towards your admin team.

                        This change is coming at the beginning of a very busy week in the real life and I may not be around until mid week after today. I will have to leave a formal first GO post until then. Thank you for the trust and I intend to continue down the road of openess and to further strengthen the community through positive efforts and a renewed commitment from the admin level towards the fine balance of trust we aspire to from the player base.

                        It's been a rough week for many of us but we will be stronger for it. Looking forward to getting to it when I get back.
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                          Dredge, thankyou for guiding us through the good times and the bad. To Unk, congrats mate, couldn't think off anyone better to step up.

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                            Re: New ArmA Game Officer Announced

                            Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose.

                            Best wishes and best of luck Unk.
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                              Wow, thanks for your work dredge. Unkl, you no doubt will end up being remembered a the greatest GO tg has ever had, in any title, ever*! No pressure ;)

                              * except perhaps glorious leader Drona

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