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[REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

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  • [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25


    I just found a mod called "SMK Animations v0.25".
    This mod is a "CG animation replacement/enhancement pack" for ArmA 2.
    Its mainly designed for TvT, but should also work in SP or regular MP.

    It adds alot of new costum animations to the game, which brings alot of new and more realistic tactical possibilities. Also it just looks awesome =)
    For example you have different "take cover" animations, you can do the "back-to-wall" stuff (like in some FPS-Games), you can climb over high walls (like the ones around compounds in Takistan), you can look around corners, you can do blind fire around corners/above objects, and you have several prone animatiosn and movements (like side-way-shooting when proning, different moves etc).
    These animations look very professional and realistic.

    All these animations can be triggered manually. You can choose at which position you want to do which animation. They are NOT automatically triggered.

    Be advised, I have NOT tested it yet.
    But from what I see from videos, I think it looks very nice.
    It adds very realistic animations, and makes the game look more realistic, because your character can perform alot more animations in different ways. This could maybe add some more "life" to the player-models/character.
    And of course, as said before, it adds alot new tactical possibilities.

    What do you guys think about this mod?
    Have you already tested it?
    Would you like to see it on the server?
    Could we test it on the test-server or something?


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    Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

    Thanks Andy but we all looked at this before several months ago.


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      Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

      It is a cool mod, but has its 'features' that may cause unintended results. I like it, but last I checked 4 mo. or so ago, it wasn't quite ready for primetime IMO.
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        It does add a lot if cool features, some that are buggy from last reports. And a gazillion new key binds so im told. I was really impressed with it at first then not si much as i weighed the pros n cons.

        Not sure how much ir has changed.

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          Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

          I feel like a select few of these could be useful, but only if everyone was forced to use them. I don't think the overflow of binds would be too much of a pain if you just set them to something simple. Such as SHIFT + S does one thing, while SHIFT + D does another, and likewise for all WASD keys. I wouldn't mind that, it's just an extra button. But then again that wouldn't work... walking is currently set to those.

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            Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

            Its good on maps where isnt enterable buildings (4 exmpl Cherno), coz 8 of 10 times ull die by walkin throw doors or down from stairs, when 2 guys encounter 1 of them die. Alot of bugs ATM an seems devs stoped fix it year ago.


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              Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

              Is this a client side mod? If so, I think TalkingBeerMug used to use it, before we limited which client-side mods were allowed. There were bizarre visual anomalies when he would do things with the animations, which we would see as totally different animations. Lots of teleporting onto the other side of walls, etc.
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                Just to update the new joiners prior to the signature checks on our servers. What we have now.

                The admin team realised that some of the client side addons; whether it be a sound mod or an addon. Caused the servers to perform in a less than optimal results. Not to mention hacking/cheating on the servers.

                Hence we have decided to limit the usage of client side addons.

                As always, our options are open. Provided it meets our demands and the players enjoyments.

                On topic. The SMk addon is not really an addon that is not supported by the addon maker. As such, we have disabled it.

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                  Re: [REQUEST] SMK Animations v0.25

                  I downloaded this yesterday and took a look at it. In conclusion, it looks pretty but is not practical what-so-ever. I only found a very small amount of binds actually worked.

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