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Best time to get on servers?

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  • Best time to get on servers?

    (Sorry if it is in the wrong thread, as said below I joined the forums last night and don't know my way around it yet)

    Hi, i read the Hitchhikers guide earlier and thought the TG servers looked awesome. So last night i set up TS, signed on to the forums, got everything else installed for bravo, and then no one was on the server. I have never seen more than 4 people online since then, and that isn't the kind of gameplay that appeals to me. I would prefer at least 15 online at once, as that seems more for what the servers were meant for. So when is the best time to get online for a lot of people at once?


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    Re: Best time to get on servers?

    Well, lately the servers have had a lack of people due to a few outside variables (time of year, and DayZ) but the best time to find a good amount of players is during the weeknights at around 1700EST to 2200, and on the weekends 1500 to 2400.

    I do have a feeling the server will lack players this week. I'm not sure why.

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      Re: Best time to get on servers?

      Welcome to TG. There are a few of us, myself included, who post events to give the player base an idea of when the action is going to happen. I am currently traveling at the moment, but I might schedule an event this friday evening, or this sunday evening, depending on a few factors that will play out as the week progresses. I assure you, we have an active community, but it is summer, school just got out, and then there is the DAYZ phenomenon.

      Keep an eye on our forums this week, I'll post an event and we can try one of our in house developers new missions.

      Let us know if you have any issues at all, we are happy to help both in game and out.

      Welcome to the front.


      If you want to get a feeling for an event and the amount of people who show up, please follow the link below. We concluded this mission last Sunday night.
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        Re: Best time to get on servers?

        Your best bet to get a mission going, is jump on TS and hang around in the bravo channel I haven't been playing much myself due to working on soo many different missions, but hopefully they will be done for the weekend.

        Hang around for awhile, we do have large events, it just takes some time to get everything together

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          Re: Best time to get on servers?

          Okay thanks for the replys. I just wish i was able to run DayZ. I can run arma 2 co though. my PC is weird!


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            Re: Best time to get on servers?

            If you see me on after 8:00pm EST in the TS channels just poke me or join channel and I can assist you with Dayz or any of the other Arma2 servers we run. I saw you were on the Bravo Server last night and looked like you were doing ok. Welcome to TG.




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