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  • Mission Testing Tonight

    Hey guys, I've recently developed two missions for use here at TG. Right now they are in the final stages of testing. So far, I have determined most things to be fixed, the only things right now that have yet to be fixed in one of the missions is the briefing, but so long as I am around, that should not be a problem for testing purposes; however, it will be fixed for the upload to Bravo Server.

    The two missions are:

    CO32 Just Another Day
    A USMC Platoon patrols a road for insurgent activity and destroys several weapons Caches. Includes the RQ-11A, Respawn and JIP


    CO42(20) Operation Hailstorm
    A US Army Platoon assaults several towns in an effort to secure a military front line/border. Features a 120mm Mortar as well as MEDEVAC solution/concept. Suggested to be taken on by 20 players, but should be possible with less.

    Both missions are currently uploaded to the Charlie server, and I was hoping to get some testing in tonight. These will be primarily play-tests and will be played out normally. I am trying to ensure that the difficulty is tuned well, that scripts behave as they are intended with a high player count, as well as end-game scripts.

    I will most likely be on TeamSpeak all day, just give me a poke if you have any questions or leave them here.
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark



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