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Sector's Mission Making State of the Union Address

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  • Sector's Mission Making State of the Union Address

    Well, it has been a busy summer so far. Things are being panned out and the next few weeks looks busy which is great news. I would figure I would share my future plans for mission making for TG.

    We have had a lot of new mission makers come online in recent weeks, and this is GREAT news. For awhile, it was me and maybe a few others. Now we are getting an awesome mix of missions added to bravo, along with new maps. This has enabled me to stop making missions for everyday play and focus on what I really enjoy, crafting events.

    But even on this front, I have healthy competition! There are even more events on the horizon from new mission makers venturing into the event territory, which allows me to venture in the next stage of what I really wanted to do.

    At TG, I believe we need a balance of missions. This includes ground pounding foot work type of missions. Most of my events have been such, large scale missions that most seemed to be bored of and want something different. Now with other makers coming in and creating their own events, I can now take the time to craft up some amazing missions I have been saving in my head. I just never had the time to sit down and hammer it out due to work recently.

    As such, the event this weekend will be my last large scale mission (30+ players). From now on I will be crafting events for 30 or fewer players, which means there will be first come first serve on some of the events. Why do this? Better action and group coherence.

    For the next event will be a TvT based type, the first one in a long, long time (if ever). I am putting the finishing touches of a VIP escort type of mission for the first "small" event. Player cap will be low 20s, and it will also be a NON-RESPAWN and NON-JIP mission! You read right, you will never value your life more in an event. It promises to test waters that I have always been wanting to jump into. It will not a terribly long event (1-2 hours) but should be a good ride. The next events I have stored in my head will be very different and I want them to be a big surprise. For those who want a real CO challenge, step up and take the reigns. They promise to be a very challenging fight.

    I will also continue making small scale TvT missions, as they seem to catching on here at TG. Keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon as well.

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    Re: Sector's Mission Making State of the Union Address

    I feel the need to say, "Goodbye" But you're not leaving.

    It's a really weird impact.

    We should collaborate sometime.

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