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  • I'm here..

    I'm here!
    Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!
    Feast your eyes on me, for it's too good to be true but I'm here, I'm here. :icon20:

    After almost a 3 year hiatus from online gaming because a poor internet connection ,after changing ISP's I was introduce to WoT's and been having a ball with it lately.

    I've always wanted to try ArmA2 online and now I can. I will.

    After reading through the plethora of instructions for Bravo server , not to mention all the settings etc with ACE and ACEX , and being relatively new to the game (so far all I've done is basically dabble in the editor making up very simple scenarios) I'm thinking I'll play primarily on Alpha until I get the hang of everything (can learn ACE idiosyncrasies in SP mode for the most part) then play on both.

    At least those are my plans.

    Of course with summer here game time will be kinda limited but now I've got something to do this winter.:row__591:
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    Re: I'm here..

    Welcome back and ALPHA server is always hungry for more players.

    If you need any help, just contact any one of us and we will point you in the right direction.

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      Re: I'm here..

      Fear not what you do not know! Bravo is lovely lady (Alpha is a sexy mistress too). I'm sure you'll have just as much fun in bed with either. Brunette, or blonde, they just wanna have fun.
      End lady references.
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