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Mission for Alpha: Cut The Mustard

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  • Mission for Alpha: Cut The Mustard

    The mission:
    1 Squad US Army, designated DAGGER are to take out the enemy AA emplacement to allow an A10, designated REINDEER, to make a run on an enemy weapons cache. Once the cache is destroyed DAGGER is to move to take out the insurgent boss designated OBJECTIVE MUSTARD. The insurgent boss is meeting with the Takistani Army in Feruz Abad and is suspected to be staying near the militarized compound.

    It is desirable to use the attack on the weapons cache as a diversion and to infiltrate Feruz Abad by stealth. There is a large enemy presence. REINDEER will make several passes to allow you to move. Your secondary objective is to keep REINDEER safe from any further Anit-Air attacks. Do your recon and be smart.

    Note: There is JIP but no respawns. You will have 2 revives to simulate medical attention.

    On Alpha now. Let me have the feed back ;)
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    Re: Mission for Alpha: Cut The Mustard

    Is the insurgent boss used to be a colonel? :D

    i couldn't resist....

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