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Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

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  • Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

    I am hell bent on learning how to play ArmA. I learn a little more every night but I am green with everything from the controls to just general military operations. Had to Google AO last night :( It seems the logical thing to do is to eventually move to ACE. Would I be better off to stay with vanilla until I have a pretty good grasp on whats going on or would it be better to get ACE up and going now?

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    Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

    if you feel comfortable getting ACE installed I would say go ahead and jump in with it, Vanilla has a lot of things that ace changes so learning on vanilla might just be wasted since it will change in ACE. I would say once you have the basic movement and firing controls down you should be able to start with ACE. There are ALOT of controls for both ArmA and ACE though so be prepared to learn a lot of stuff :)

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      Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

      I agree with Chales Darwin.

      ACE is changing alot of the game mechanics, which means you need to "relearn" most of the stuff anyways.

      Installing ACE, yes or no?
      You can't just answer this question dependent on your "skills".
      ACE and ACRE are there to get the ArmA-Gamplay to a maximum simulation-type gameplay.

      The question should be more like; are you interested in more tactical and realistic gaming?
      TG's Bravo Server (which is running ACE and ACRE) is alot more organized than Vanilla servers. You don't have straight "jump into action", everything needs to be done properly and takes some time. Setting up teams, choosing equipment, getting a convoy ready and making attack plans in general.

      It's just a very different gameplay than on Vanilla.
      But it's awesome and much fun!

      So basically, you need to decide it for yourself...
      If you decide to join the Bravo Server with ACE and ACRE, there are alot of people on the server who can help you with all the new stuff. There is not much of "learning". You will "learn" most of the stuff while doing missions, when people explain it to you.

      If you are interested, just hop on the server and see how it goes =)



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        Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

        I don't see any reason not to enjoy both our servers. They each have a little different content to enjoy & personally would love to see some of the players from Bravo help out on Alpha since we have a lot of new players who are yearning for tactical leaders.
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          Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

          Hello jeremy_D,

          I'm really glad that you've chosen to play here. You won't regret it. I hope. :)

          As for playing the game without the aforementioned mods. We all have been there, veterans of ARMA1 (now ARMA2) or not. No one can just jump in and expect things to be intuitive. Nothing is really. Every game/simulator takes some time to get the basic controls and the set up right for each person. No one is the same.
          So starting out without the mods would be a good start for new comers.

          As for playing with the mods, as in our Bravo server. That is always there, and you can always join the server any time. There is no rush what so ever.
          Some of us prefer the non-modded game play, some others prefer modded game play. To each their own.

          Find your own style and what you're after, we offer both and I hope that you enjoy our servers and our community.

          Who knows, maybe you can show the non-modded server players a thing or two. :)
          or even Bravo
          Welcome to Tactical Gamer.

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            Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

            I am in the more realistic the better camp. I am going to look into getting the mod installed and get on TS in the next couple of days.


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              Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

              I play both. Honestly, Bravo can be unbelievably time consuming at times, so I prefer actual missions instead of Domi or Patrol Ops, although they can be fun too. Alpa is great for learning the ropes in Arma and team coop play. Dont forget, Arma is vastly different than any game out there. But if you have the time, give Bravo a try. Just dont forget your earplugs!
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                Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

                Ace and regular arma are like a auto and standard shift car the same but can drive the automatic car and per say you know how to drive a car.But until you get into a car with a clutch and shift stick you dont know what your doing so I agree do both.As with a standard shift car the only way to get good is get advice and most important "LISTEN" to the advice and try and try again until you get it all down.I still will ask question because there is some much to ace and I forgot sometime so install and join us we dont bite to much


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                  Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

                  Jeremy ... best to demo and make the decision yourself -- it really depends on how "tactical to reality" you want to get in the scope of the ArmA world.

                  That said, I can meet you on Bravo anytime really. I have a routine we can go through that will show you all the basic ropes of ACE and ACRE that will take about an 30-45 minutes. Outside of other folks on here you would be just as happy to do the same, including the official instructor and university recourses here at TG -- I'd be happy to do that if you're interested.
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                    Re: Install ACE or get better at Vanilla first?

                    Im very interested Riyker. I had a busy weekend. I hope to get everything installed and working tonight. I will be looking you up soon.




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