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  • ace update question

    as you can read here:


    h2. 2012-08-24 16:41:07 +0200

    Build 568
    Updated to source:@fff8261b9ce7dd7477ec84de5ab22d0f41418828

    h3. Changed

    * ACE is now more female friendly, fixes #39877 [rocko]
    * Configs for the ACR DLC (soldiers and small weapons), refs #39442 [Robalo]
    * DM12 uses ironsight model instead of aiming overlay [rocko]
    * Increased loadingtime for CSWs when linking belts together [rocko]
    * Key shortcuts for shoulder tapping and knocking people down [rocko]
    * Picking up tripods and (especially) mortar baseplates takes less time [VKing]
    * Possibility to detonate IEDs via cellphone (formerly 'Clacker') [WIP] [rocko]
    * Possibility to simulate EVAC scenarios by stopping the PMR timer when casulties are loaded into MEDEVAC vehicles [rocko]
    * Vanilla "Heal X" and "Heal at" actions now available via interaction menu to prevent appearing in missions with the Wounding system [rocko]

    h3. Added

    * A-10 gun pipper range circle [Nou]
    * DM31 AT mine [rocko]
    * Keybinding for pickling weapons in HUD. Should work with most keybindable HOTAS sticks. [Nou]
    * M15 Gas Mask by Martijn [VKing]
    * Maxillofacial shield kit [rocko]
    * Possibility to 'stabilize' a casulty. Stabilizing will bring back casulty from going unconscious now and then and ONLY if casulty is not suffering from bloodloss causing the unconsciousness, fixes #8707 [rocko]
    the developers changed this here:

    * Possibility to simulate EVAC scenarios by stopping the PMR timer when casulties are loaded into MEDEVAC vehicles [rocko]

    Is this an automatically option? (what i mean: put unconcious dude in medevac car drive 16 minutes and pull him out -> livetimer still keeps going from where it stoped at loadin?)
    or is this server sided? (what i mean: is this like an admin has to stop the time for each casualty manually?)


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    Re: ace update question

    Its done automatically. Probably similar to the way I made my stabilize script for CASEVAC. Would detect the player is inside of a medical vehicle, then would check if they are on life timer, then it would do all the fancy stuff.
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      Re: ace update question

      I am assuming the HOTAS for pickling weapons is just bind a button to left mouse button?

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        Re: ace update question

        The new set up allows you to go to ACE Settings/Keys in-game and binding the Pickle button to whatever you need. I believe you should be able to bind it to a Joystick button, but I do not know. I currently have mine set-up with my joystick's own profiling system.
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