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  • Saying bye bye

    Hello dudes,

    I really enjoyed the last 5 months of being with you guys!
    Just some special persons I want to mention, which took a spot in my mind and impressed me on a special way...
    Im just a human so I can not remember everyone or anything that impressed me; so anyone who gets not mentioned here, feel huged :)
    Im not 'leaving' TG, I just take an off-time... maybe show around sometimes at TS or for an bigger event.

    You were the first one I met in here, as I joined an event together with Andy. From there on I tried to learn from your way of being honest and straight to players and your talent to command. I never tried to copy your style, but I tried to collect as much experience from you as possible for me. Well... Im still an absolutly helpless leader xD doing so much wrong anytime I try to improve my skills. You said to me "How to learn, when not by doing it" (or something that has the same statement) I picked that and tried it with other players. worked well. I rly hope to see you again! (I'll still show up at Scorpion OPS! Its marked red in my calendar!)

    Never saw someone who was that impatient on playing :D But well... you allways did a great job! And that is what counts. Maybe ask someone in here to help you speaking better english! You wont belive how much this will make your gameplay better in here :) also looking forward to see you again!

    Hell... you made me laugh nearly everytime I saw you ingame on a mission or reading your posts! Your sense of humor is awesome as your way of playing is! Your a talent on both! Still remembering some days and missions where you saved my live just by advicing me. Keep on the work at you Patrol OPS MSO stuff and everything else, its something that should be valued highly.

    Even when I just know you very short, your thirst for knowledge and advice impressed me a lot! Keep on with that, its the best way you can take, but still keep in mind that you also need to stay grounded, there isnt a better training ground for collecting experience than the action itself! See ya :D

    Man, get more used to the medical stuff in ArmA, keep it on! You will be a great part of TG and a big support for COs and soldiers on bravo. Getting thanks for patching someone up is still the best feeling ingame ;D

    I wont breach in houses or compounds with anyone else! You're an awesome reliable buddy, couldn't have a better one, even when I just played a few times with you. I wont look behind me staying for breaching at doors when I know that your behind me, saving my ass :D

    You're the most (I hope these are the right words) calm, cool and relaxed dude I've ever saw :D seriously TG wont be the same without you trying to keep the organisation up. You're one of thoose which way of talking to people and spreading knowledge on an easy level which everyone can understand, impressed & inspired me a lot. Stay like you are, because as far as I know you in here, your great!

    the reason is simple, I just dont like they way where TG's ArmA Section is going right now so I'll take a bit of distance to the community.

    Hope to see everyone of you again in TG some months in the future.
    praised is the man with a good health and a bad mind to remenber with.
    (I hope I'll keep these good memoris)

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    Re: Saying bye bye

    No, you can't be serious?!
    NO! NO! NO!


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      Re: Saying bye bye

      Thx for the feedback, really appreciate the time you dedicated to showing me the medic ace mechanic and triage basics, hope to be playing arma with you soon


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        This is an unfortunate news. I hope that you will return soon and it will be a better place for all.

        Take it easy and it's big world out there but know that the TG community will expect your return with open arms.

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        Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer

        "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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          Re: Saying bye bye

          Pax'Jarome Malues, thanks for those kind and generous words. I do wish you the best as you take time off. There is a big world out there ready to experience your presence. And I am sure you will benefit greatly from it. I will be looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.


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            Re: Saying bye bye

            Thanks Pax! I hope to see you soon.
            The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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              Re: Saying bye bye

              Pax, send me a PM. We should talk.

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              "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

              Friend of |TG| Chief


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                Re: Saying bye bye

                Pax, mine time = ur + 2 hours, its good to talk about just completed mission or check each soldier what color nades he take, but not at 5am :) GL & CU!


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                  Re: Saying bye bye

                  CLEAR!!! Breaching Buddies :D Been great playing with you for the short time that it's been! If Bl1p's, Mines and dudle's little Falcon squad is up to anything we'll let you know.

                  Was great getting to know you over the game.

                  Stay safe,





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