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    We have just cleaned up the allowed keys to the Alpha server. This will only affect players who choose to use the allowed client side add-ons. The following changes have been made and will require that all add-ons are up to date on your client:
    1. Keys have been removed for all previous versions of @cba, @cba_a2, @cba_oa, @sthud, @stmovement, @blastcore. This will ensure all players are using the same version & improve stability on the server.
    2. The key for @ace_sm has been removed from the server. This is in an attempt to improve stability as well.

    So, in short, run your Six Updater on your Alpha preset if you haven't. sixupdater://

    When clients are running different versions of the same mods they may be causing conflicts with other clients as some of the functions change as mods are updated. This can cause a whole gamut of problems for the server & clients. We have decided to narrow the allowed signatures on the server to improve the game for all.

    If you are now getting kicked for signature issues, disable your add-ons one by one if your not sure of your error message. If you need help with this, there is the "ArmA Help Channel" in TS or the Tech Support thread.
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