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New Rule for Live Streaming Arma at

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Rule for Live Streaming Arma at

    Live Streaming ArmA at TG

    Live streaming offers another way to increase exposure to our way of playing. To support this effort your admin team has drafted a few quick rules to ensure everyone is considered & we maximize our impact.
    1. Permission
      Before streaming begins you must have the unanimous consent of the players on the server. We don't want players dropping if they are not comfortable.
      For JIPs we will ammend the MOTD to warn them that live streaming may be in progress - check with players in TS before joining if you have concerns.
    2. Log in/slot selection
      Do not start your streaming until you have gotten boots on ground in the mission. This will protect passwords and TvT briefings. This rule is straightforward and simple to apply. Streaming must be paused at mission end and resumed when boots on ground again. No passwords are to be given verbally in TS...ever.
    3. Name and Post
      Make sure you include in your title so it's searchable! We have started an "I'm Streaming" thread where TacticalGamers can share the links to their game in progress. Link will be provided asap. Post up in advance when you can so you get more views.
    4. Word of caution
      Remember, when streaming there are many eyes upon you. Play well and we should see a gain in players who play as we do.

    Any questions please refer them to the Contact an Admin or look for an Arma Admin in Teamspeak. Thank you.
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