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PvP Operation for tonight Saturday the 10th

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  • [EVENT] PvP Operation for tonight Saturday the 10th

    We would like to have some PvP going on for tonight.

    This is the first step to assemble a group out of you, who are interested in having PvP / TvT games on the server.

    Date: Tonight, the 10th November, Saturday. After the Basic Infantry Training, I would like to invite for an operation on Charlie Server.


    Roll Call - 00:30 ZULU Time
    Start - 01:00 ZULU Time


    The Mission to be played is not chosen yet and will depend on playeramount and suggestions, have a look at one and come up with a Sug.

    Modpack expected for Charlie Server is the same as for Bravo Server.

    you may come later, but it may be restricted by the mission itself, or it might inbalance the player relation.
    you may ask for ONE confirmation about the time and you will get ONE answer via private message.

    since this is teamplay oriented on a different level or immersion, I am asking you, if you know,
    who you would like to play with ( multiple choises preferably ), in the additional Information.

    Preset for your signup:

    In Game Name:
    In-House Division (Unaffiliated if none):
    Leadership Abilities:
    Specialities (Include Vehicles):
    Are you a TG Pathfinder?
    Additional Information:
    what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?

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    Re: PvP Operation for tonight Saturday the 10th

    I love TvT and am all for this, however cannot join in tonight :(


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      Re: PvP Operation for tonight Saturday the 10th

      Id like to play TvT or PvP but not at 5AM mine time :(




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