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Current State of ArmA Community?

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  • Current State of ArmA Community?

    Hey guys. I've been going crazy lately trying to find a game where I can find a consistent community of team work, tactical know how, and just plain fun. I played a ton of BF2 PR and Arma2 PR but the popularity of those games has dropped off. I've tried BF3 recently and am just too turned off by the run and gun atmosphere. I've always been turned off by ArmA because I'm not too into playing against A.I.

    However, I just saw a post in the forums advertising a TVT TG team.

    I was wondering how consistently are the ArmA TG servers populated as well as other servers?

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    Re: Current State of ArmA Community?

    Well we have a lot more COOP than TvT. So expect that. We are looking to increase the TvT and will see how it progresses. The title here has been growing for some time nw. But your best judge of anything in this regard is to try it out. Different people bring different expectations.

    Next week we will be hosting some practice scrims for the TvT. This week we turned on the I44 mod a little earlier so to get players used to it before the event mission on Saturday. After that, we'll configure a server to run TvT fairly regular to support this TvT team getting off the ground.
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      Re: Current State of ArmA Community?

      CooP = daily(inner week) Maxiumum at Germantime (22:00Uhr) 12 - 20 players
      CooP = daily(weekend) Maxiumum at Germantime (22:00Uhr) 18 - 26 players

      TvT = Mostly regegted by Bravo-Players (No idea why, I personally like it)

      In the past 2-3 weeks, TvT got a lot more popular at Bravo, also no idea why tht changed so hard, but it did.
      So we have an increasing amount on played TvT at Bravo... I like that ^^


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        Re: Current State of ArmA Community?

        We also operate and maintain several other servers.

        Alpha is our vanilla server. Less lag and more open to anybody who is willing to try out the game itself without downloading and troubleshooting technical stuff.. We have a core of players who are used to teamwork who frequent our Alpha server.

        We are also launching Charlie server which will be set up for TVT focused gameplay. Training to TVT scrims etc...

        And finally last but not least, we have our Delta server which has more custom content and consists of missions which focus on lower player count special forces type.

        So you can try and taste different flavors and see which crowd is more of your style.




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