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Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

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  • Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

    Well in a matter of hours I will of been a member of TG for 3 months (Happy anniversary to me!)

    Just writing this post to show my gratification for all the help, fun, laughs, banter and top notch gaming that I've experienced in this short time. I've been a member of a few smaller communities but nothing on this scale, but, I'm loving it. So far I've been accepted into the best unofficial squad around, the mighty Falcons. Who else would it be? Taken part in a couple inter community games, met loads of new buddies and just generally been enjoying myself. I became a supporting member today, haven't looked back to be honest, I feel over the last 3 months I've played my monies worth and was time to give something back, keep this thing rolling.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to end this post with saying "But now I must leave you all" cue the sad music as I walk into the sunset. Just thought I'd thank all the people that have helped me get this far, you all know who you are.

    JakTehLad (Your friendly mad Scotsman)

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    Re: Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

    Jak, Tactical Gamer would not be the same without you, lad.

    And thank you for helping us support out community.

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      Re: Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

      Kudos Jack, thank you for helping keep the lights on mate.


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        Re: Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

        Good to have you here Jak ^^


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          Re: Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

          Good news for us all. Cheers Jak!
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            Re: Thankyou for the last 3 months! :D

            Thanks for the scare... :P

            Welcome to the world of Supporting Membership and thanks for your support!

            See you on the virtual battlefield.

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