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An example of gameplay in ARMA. Feel free to join us.

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  • An example of gameplay in ARMA. Feel free to join us.

    I know ARMA isn't the only game at TG by a stretch and I bounce around a few games when I have the chance, but Armed Assault offers the most satisfying MILSIM in my opinion, which is limited. Below you will find a report from last night's action. I am posting this summary so anyone who might wonder what we do in the ARMA world in our nightly and event style mission will have a keyhole view.

    If what you read interests you, then understand something, we will do Everything in our power to help you get setup if you want to give it a try. You buy the game, and the TG Arma community will collaborate to help you get setup and ready to go once in game. We're very welcoming of new players and eager to help get them set up. There is a bit of a learning curve, but we dampen that with outward assistance to anyone.

    This thread is not meant to make ARMA seem superior to any of the other games we play, my aim is just to give some insight into what goes on during our time.

    If you are interested and want to know how to get involved, feel free to PM me, hit me on TS, or just post here and I, or administration, or fellow players will respond with encouragement and what you need to do to get started.

    The following occurred last night, on one of our 4 TG servers from around 19:00 CST to around 23:20 CST. The location is a vast 20km x 20km mountainous area known as Takistan. The mission is MSO:Patrol OPS as modified by our very own BL1P.


    Another successful combat patrol last night.

    We played a "Little Brothers" style approach to the combat patrol, on this attempt, with one squad split into two fire teams and a Venom(Call sign: Dark Star) providing over-watch with Liquid as pilot and Axis as the gunner.

    They supported us with 20mm auto-cannon fire and "semi" guided rockets. That chopper airlifted us out of the action several times for resupply, ferried re-enforcements to our position, saved us during times of medical triage, and provided invaluable intelligence on enemy movement around us as we made our way through the night. When the ground team was moving between cities, towns, and hamlets, Dark Star was weapons green on contacts approaching us, but when we were clearing the populated areas, I ordered him weapons yellow unless either fire team requested direct fire support from Dark Star's 20 mike-mike, which happened multiple times. Team work and communication from ground team to Dark Star was outstanding.

    Good job leading, Portable Cougar and Garthra. Everyone involved did a great job. We had a lot of contact and I think most of you got at least 10 to a dozen kills each.

    There was a moment when all of red team was down except for Cougar. We were on the outside of a walled in compound and his entire fire team was shot dead in two bursts of gunfire from a surprise patrol that literally came around the corner behind them as they moved. The only reason Cougar was spared was because he turned a corner, right before the rest of his fire team, who were behind him, were all gunned down from behind. I came up and covered him while he frantically started pulling his wounded back around the corner to safety. In that time, four or five tango's tried to sneak up on us from behind and I shot five of them, over Cougars shoulder, while he was pulling wounded men towards me. It was intense.

    Cougar, you once shot a civilian/terrorist who was right behind me about to toss a grenade at us as I was briefing. Effectively saving my life.

    I think we're even,lol.

    Awesome gameplay. Great work Axis, even though you shot fifty or so rockets without hitting anything. Fire Control systems are a bit of a puzzle at first, especially guided rocket fire.

    Medics, Blue Team, everyone, great work.

    We saw action from about thirty minutes into the game until we got blown out of the sky on our way to the airfield at the end.

    Thank you.

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    Re: An example of gameplay in ARMA. Feel free to join us.

    +1 , i just wish i was a bit closer to the US timezones!


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      Re: An example of gameplay in ARMA. Feel free to join us.

      Should we be advertising on the bistudio Arma forums also?
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        Re: An example of gameplay in ARMA. Feel free to join us.

        Those rockets just didn't want to listen. I kept on telling them to hit my laser designated target, but they were just dead set on flying into mountains. Also, thanks for letting me pilot. From the sounds coming from the seats in the back, some people were a little worried when I did a backwards landing in a street




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