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TG, ARMA and growing pains.

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] TG, ARMA and growing pains.

    Ok, I have some required reading for the Arma Community at TG. Apologies for the wall of text but what I have to say is both important and timely.

    Firstly for those of you who don't know me and what I do round here. I am the Community Manager at TG. I basically oversee the day to day running of this community, managing all our Game titles and by extension the Game Officers and their respective Admin Teams. I work directly for TG's founder and owner, Apophis.

    Right with that out of the way let's get to the point.

    TG, ARMA and growing pains.

    Arma is growing in leaps and bounds at TG which is hugely positive and great to see. As such we are seeing an influx of players both from within other titles at TG and people who are new to the community at large. This is also great to see, however it would be naive to think that this does not occasionally present us with some challenges. The breadth of experience and different viewpoints and approaches leads to a much richer tactical gaming environment. This benefits everyone. However those differing viewpoints and approaches can and do present challenges for both players and Admins alike.

    People will have differing views on realism, tactics, priorities, what missions they like and what constitutes an enjoyable experience to name but a few. This is perfectly natural and enriches the community and offers us all a chance to try new things, be they approaches or new ways of thinking.

    Therefore everybody entering the servers or using the forums needs to remember this and retain a respectful and mature attitude towards each other, at all times. Part of being a member of a community is realising that 'yeah, there are a lot of other people here', so you won't always get what you want, you won't always get to play your favourite mission etc. You do have to accept that other people have different approaches, viewpoints and playstyles and this doesn't make them wrong. It's about a little bit of tolerance and give and take.

    As such we all need to be flexible, patient, adaptable, respectful and mature about how we conduct ourselves.

    The flip side of the coin is that there are several areas where TG is not flexible, there is no wiggle room. For example:

    - Treat other players with respect

    If someone is talking during a briefing, ask them politely to stop so as not to disrupt the mission.
    Do not tell them to 'shut up'. It doesn't matter what 'rank' you are in game, you are talking to another Community Member, treat them with respect.

    If someone happens to goof up, such as moving during desync, please remember that he is a player like you. You shouldn't be addressing another Community Member or visitor like you are reprimanding a child. A simple "Hey man/mate, don't move during desync. It lags up the server" works a lot better for everyone rather than a chorus of "STOP MOVING."

    Conversely, don't get on the server and make a nuisance of yourself. If a briefing is ongoing respect that and keep quiet. There will be time for questions later and you have a whole Chain of Command you can get information from.

    Do not disrupt other people's gameplay.

    Bored? Get off the server or go make a sandwich.

    - Respect your Admins and follow their instruction in game and on the forums.

    They give up their spare time for your benefit, so you have an enjoyable gaming experience. They deserve your respect and gratitude. Talk to your Admins if you have questions or concerns, they are just players and would welcome the approach, some are quite sad and lonely types who spend a lot of their free time typing lol.

    - Respect the Community.

    We have rules and procedures, such as the Contact an Admin process, which are tried and tested. These processes were set up so that they have the most beneficial outcome for YOU the playerbase. They have been evaluated and determined to be, on balance, the best way of doing things and they are not optional nor negotiable.

    Any server or player issues must be brought to the admins attention. If you can't work something out with another player then the admins are there to help get it sorted. There is no tolerance for players taking matters into their own hands regarding player problems. There is no public version of discussion on a player problem. This ensures that all players are treated with respect.

    - General conduct.

    Language, simply put, don't use foul and abusive language on the server. It's one of our most basic rules, been here since day 1. It's not negotiable. I am sure many of us have slipped from time to time, this doesn't make you a criminal, just keep it in check. If you don't, you won't stay on the servers or the forums. It's that simple.

    TG has these simple, logical rules and expects people to abide by them so that we can all get on with having a good time. Think about others, keep yourself in check, this is a mature community.

    We're all here for a common goal, let's focus on fostering the right environment to achieve that and let the good times roll.:icon_cool
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    Re: TG, ARMA and growing pains.

    Thanks Wicks, I feel like re-enlisting. You get an ooooooooooohrah!


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      Re: TG, ARMA and growing pains.

      This is indeed a good reminder on what community is about. Thanks Wicks.
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        Re: TG, ARMA and growing pains.

        Well said, and why I am honored to be a part of this community!!

        I see Chief's "ooooooooooohrah!" and raise you a "HOOAH!"


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          Re: TG, ARMA and growing pains.

          Well put Wicks.

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