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Something I wanted to say.

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  • Something I wanted to say.

    Well, Iv'e been playing at TacticalGamer for about 5 months, and I wanna say I have a lot of fun playing here. I met a lot of cool people and intend on meeting a lot more. Iv'e played a bunch of awesome missions. Iv'e laughed alot, Iv'e been laughed at alot. Iv'e been angry at people and people have been angry at me. And the great thing about playing here is that I see alot of the same faces everyday. And I see alot of new faces everyday, which is great, TacticalGamer is getting bigger every day. Yeah I havent been here that long like alot of you have, but I feel like iv'e been here for a million years. And recently Iv'e been seeing some nonsense going on the past couple of weeks, some caused by others, some caused by me. And I apologize if I have ever made you angry or annoyed. And I wish to improve on my maturity and behavior. If there is any problems you have with me or things you think I can improve on to become a better player or person here at TacticalGamer, please let me know. I dont wanna annoy any of you. Or irritate you. And I understand that I am young and that I may step out of line sometimes. But I hope to keep that to a minimum. Anyways you guys are all awesome and are like a virtual family!

    Brooklyn,Robert,Puerto,Unobacio,Bensonhurst <3

    PS:Please let me know if I ever step out of line or if I need to improve on something. And I apologize if I ever annoyed you or irritated you =)

    And if this isnt supossed to be posted here on this thread. Im sorry, didnt know where to put it. =)
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    Re: Something I wanted to say.

    I've never seen you be annoying or over the line, don't dwell too much on it man. It'll only drive you crazy.
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      Re: Something I wanted to say.

      Axis just to note vilky started the goat thing

      and benson you haven't gone out of line, from what i've seen ever

      so keep up the great work


      p.s (for axis only): Do you GOAT a problem (not a part of it just wanted to say it)

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        Re: Something I wanted to say.

        Hey Benson: As you are still fairly new to TG, I would like to say that that a fella of your experience is showing great improvements in tactical game play and as well in becoming a more humble young man. By accepting your downfalls you are showing forward movement, so thanks for taking time with the community and keep on working on your skills as a player and as a representative of TG! This is what I was expecting to see within this community, and for you other players/members remember that we also are representatives of TG and so to are responsible for our own actions. Lets not razz new or younger players whom still require some experienced guidance. True, sometimes reason and tact are not enough to wrangle in the younger fellas but please, deal with situations as a representative of TG. If you are unsure as how to deal with some situations feel free to ask around the house.




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