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Scorpion Ops Consequence: Briefing

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  • [INFO] Scorpion Ops Consequence: Briefing

    ****The following briefing is deemed Classified and Compartmentalized****

    Scorpion Actual: Here is what I have for you.

    "British Intelligence has several CI resources in the field that just happen to be in Fallujah, and has pressed its agents at our request. We've been given strong reason to believe that Furqan is being hidden somewhere in the north western quadrant of Fallujah.

    MI6 has a dossier on Khaled ibn Furqan as a significant supplier of heroin to Eastern Europe. This explains how he has the resources to solicit the purchase of a Triggered Arc Regulator which we destroyed on our last mission. He employs a middle man known only as "Ahmad" to handle transportation and financial exchange for their drug operation. He meets every four days with a different transportation team at a house located on the outskirts of north Fallujah.

    We have our analysts working on the money trail as we speak. Our previous experience in Columbia has taught us that if we follow the drugs, we will find drug dealers and drug addicts, but if we follow the money... we never know what we're going to find."

    Area of Operation: Welcome to the Wild North West. Fallujah has a history of conflict and political instability. With the exception of the North West sector, the rest of Fallujah is currently secured by the Iraqi Intervention Force (ICDC) 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade so stay out of the Red Zone. The lawless area is ruled by a nameless local drug lord who may have ties to Khaled Ibn Furqan. The urban territory north of Jolan is loosely controlled by insurgent gangs loyal to the local warlords. Gunfire and local clashes are common on most nights and there are no police or military interventions currently underway. It is estimated that 400,000 to 500,000 locals are still refuges in neighboring areas so civilian presence should be light.

    Execution: Scorpion element will HALO into the scrub-lands north of Fallujah and regroup on the ground, north of the major MSR(highway). Teams are to move south onto the abandoned race track that surrounds the safe house and observe. Ahmad should be meeting with one of their transport teams and is usually escorted by several bodyguards. Remember, his security is fair game, but Ahmad is not a target, we need to question him so take care to ensure that he is not injured or the mission is a wash.

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