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[letter] From one of your players [to: ArmA GO's, Admins & Titlelead]

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  • [letter] From one of your players [to: ArmA GO's, Admins & Titlelead]

    !! Please be aware of the language barrier, im trying to do my best about grammar !!

    This Thread is not meant to be rushed with "discusion-posts", "feel the same-posts" and "wall-text-posts"
    Please take notice of this! Thank you.
    Its all so not meant to become a "we're going to critisize the admin team now"-thread.

    A Questionletter to ArmA Administration

    Hello dear Lead,

    I'am a player, trying to be a mature gamesoldier in a virtual world.
    Im asking myself some questions since long time ago. I allready stated my opinion towards you, months ago, in an unfriendly way which I regret that I took him, as I regret that I stoped on telling you, because it started to not care about anymore. Breaking with my head through walls is starting to hurt after the second one. I felt good at TG the first months as I never concerned myself about how decisions are made in here and how critism towards the lead gets handled. You may recognize that Im pretty open about what I think and I will not carry on using flowers to discripe it.
    I than got in contact with the Administration a lot. People started to feel hurt at both sides. Lead felt betrayed to to the training we wanted to start back than, we felt betrayed because random people we dont even know started to tell us what to do and not to do with our sparetime. Things got weird and ended badly.

    So here Iam again, this time asking my question in an open way, where everybody can recognize them and hopefully showing more respect towards the Admins.

    If the reports don't come in...

    Its simple. The most simply gave up on reporting stuff. Humans will give 1% positive criticism and and 99% negative. If someone is offended by something or clearly takes an issue to its point and this is then touching the wound directly, or just dont want to be seen in the TG ArmA forums, the thread or post will be closed or moved to the CAA. Why does Administration think, the poster posted his thread or post seeable for everyone and not in the CAA? This is more a rethoric question.
    A lot of us are fearing the CAA. As good as you meant it, as you created it, for some players the CAA is a blackhole and we dont want to get near it, because our mind equals it with c*****ship. Even when the situation became better now, the feeling stays in the mind, because it happend OFTEN enough.

    ...can't we trust our fellow...

    No. Sometimes I even dont trust myself because I catched myself while thinking about stuff, I shouldnt think about. Cheating, talking bad about persons when they're not arround, hurting people for what they said to me and they were right and it made me angry that I was wrong. Trust is more the thing that you keep someone up, even when you know that s/he will possably doing the wrong thing, just hoping s/he will not. We are all humans. Trying to make our situation as good for us as possible to surrvive, is our nature. Trust, in this case, is wrong. As harsh as it sounds, its the truth.

    We truly thought the community could see the merrits...

    Sometimes, not every person thinks the same. What is meant good by players, may is fatal in the eyes of the admins. What is meant good by admins, may is fatal in the eyes of the players. Sometimes what looks good in the eyes of the admins, is fatal. Sometimes what looks good in the eyes of the players, is fatal. Sometimes both is good. Thats why god/evolution/green aliens/fortune gave us hands to type and mouths to talk and ears to hear and an own opinion. And somehow its very interessting, that, even when the voters are dumb like a toast, a vote where nearly everyone can vote, will set a positive decision (read some protocols from universitys, this phenomena is extremly interresting!)

    Main point now:

    We don't generally run our servers by popular vote, TG isn't a Democracy, never has been.

    Yup. And I had to learn this on the hard way, because I never expacted that a community will work like this. Here I want to put something that Dimi wrote:
    The best way forward is through trust. Otherwise the entire command structure falls apart.
    this is mendantory. For everyone. And as I can tell and Im sure a lot other people can too: A community is working on this. But not for long. It just works as long as the players kept away of decisions and information are players who will give up on fighting for getting this. With kinda thoose players a community with a leading and a just dumb following part, will work.

    So here is what I want to ask:

    - Is there a possability, that the Admins somehow can create a public readable and enterable place, where we can read, what you guys are thinking about so hard? It dont even has to be a forum or something where everyone can post. Just a Post where the Admins and other Leader once a week put a listing in, what you are think about/or planing?
    Propapbly this will make the players feel more easy and moved to talk to you guys and even more appriciate what you do for the ArmA Section.

    - Delete the CAA forum. Why? Its a rotten piece of fruit in the middle of good and fresh fruits. If more communication is what the Lead wants, the CAA is poision. It isnt fitting to anything the Leads seems to want to stand for. Its like rotten old shoes on a fashionable business-men. Dont rename it, to create another discription. KILL IT WITH FIRE!
    If you want to seriously talk to players about failures they did, delete THE TEXT inside the post and mark it with a link to the rules and then write them a PM or something. This is way better then deleting the whole post into the nowhere.

    - Dont Delete posts or threads or Move posts to not public places, or just close them!
    If there is something that hurt peoples feelings, then dont just kill it. Give this dude a one or two liner under his post, that he wrote something hurting and unfair. He will regret extremely fast, especially when other users in the forum will tell him the same thing and believe, they will.

    - once a month, take all admins available in TS and hold up a public meeting. A discusionround. Let the players decied via fast vote, if they want to discuss a topic someone announced there (vote up or down via chat) and start a discusion about the topic for 20min. then close up the discussion and let them vote a new topic to talk about. If this is organized and you guys use the "allowed to talk" option in TS (everyone has ... lets say 60 seconds to place his statement about the topic once he got "the word") you will se how extremly positive this will become. We are not dumb, sometimes we get in rage, yes, but we also can have good points about topics you admins are thinking about.

    - Keep on with the part that the Lead takes the final decision, but give us sóme cheese(information) we can play with. Democracy is the best example :D do it like the real politicans, make us think we are included in a decision, even when we are not and we will be happy citizens. I know that a lot of cooks are messing up the meal(thats why I wont suggest making decision democracy in the Arma2 section of TG); Just dont throw us in the cold water, like "here is our decision if you dont like it, bear with it!", because this will create situations like thoose we just had with the 3rd person.

    I hope this time I was a little more mature and respectful.


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    Re: [letter] From one of your players [to: ArmA GO's, Admins & Titlelead]

    Context is everything Pax.

    And you just took my words completely out of context and twisted them for your own purpose, much like a reporter.

    I'm done responding.

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      Re: [letter] From one of your players [to: ArmA GO's, Admins & Titlelead]

      I locked the previous thread, don't open another to continue. All will be made clearer later.




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