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  • Question on training

    I did a couple unofficial missions with you all, mid-december(?), and had a blast. Some RL things got in the way before I could get my training in. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel

    I was wondering, how often these classes are offered:

    Basic Infantry
    Basic Tactics
    Basic Communications

    I'd like to get them over with as soon as convenient. I'm a bit intimidated to get involved without knowing for certain I have the proper etiquette down...


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    Re: Question on training

    Hey Ozz!

    Training classes are provided by the TGU (Tactical Gamer University) usually a few times per month, these will be posted in this Armed Assault Forum. Since you are a supporting member you are also able to request private classes here: . Otherwise I would advise you to just keep your eyes out on this forum, no doubt one of the TGU Instructors will be able to enlighten you further for an ETA.

    Don't be worried about joining us even without the courses, most people just pick things up as they play and there are a wealth of people on the server that will be willing to help you learn. The best way to learn is hands on experience! :)


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      Re: Question on training this is where you go to request TGU classes.

      The current ones on offer are:
      -Basic Infantry
      -Basic ARTY
      -Signals (communication)
      -ACE familiarisation
      -ACRE familiarisation

      if you ever want to play don't feel intimidated, its all about the mindset.
      if you are mature enough to play along but don't feel confident taking a leading role then just slot in, any questions just PM me and i'll be happy to answer them or find me or anyone else in TS and we'll help you out

      warning excessive amounts of caffine may apply... results may vary


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        Re: Question on training

        Thanks, TicTac. I'll keep my eye wide for a public offering. :D


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          Re: Question on training

          Ozzi3, iI will be doing a Basic Infantry asap. In the meantime I think we have a Battle Drill scheduled for Sunday but since it hasnt been officially announced I didnt say nothin' ;)
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            Re: Question on training

            I'll keep my eye out for that. I don't necessarily feel intimidated to play I just keep my mouth shut because I don't understand the ACRE's system. :D

            There's no emergency. Like I said, now that i have some time clearing up.. I've got plenty of time.


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              Question on training

              Hello Ozz,

              Welcome back! Ozz, I am the TGU ArmA Title Lead at TG.

              If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me directly.

              Looking forward to meeting you.


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                Re: Question on training

                Thanks Lowspeed..

                I sent you a PM asking about any possible training this weekend. The mother in-law is inbound and I like to steer clear and I'll find myself at the keyboard quite a bit. Even if I could get the voice coms complete it would go a long way...





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