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mission stress testing - 2/24

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  • mission stress testing - 2/24

    on 2/17(maybe) and 2/24 I will be holding a quick session for testing the server stress for a mission, and to test other client related issues.
    This mission is somewhat large (the enemy can possibly spawn in very suddenly and quickIy)and I will need about 12-20 people.
    This will take no more than 10 minutes and I will encourage you to write a report based on how much desync and frame drop occurs.

    We will be using vanilla, no mods and no beta.

    If you are interested to help, please put your name and date to help in the post.

    Please post any questions. Thank you.
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    Re: mission stress testing - 2/24

    Hey we are doing a Battle Drill on the 17th so perhaps we can wrangle some players for it right before the drill. It's scheduled for roughly 1600 zulu but last week we had to postpone an hour for more people to be online.
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