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  • Mission Development Meetings

    Hello gents,

    In coming days, I`ll be focusing on mission and training design on ArmA 3 and I`m looking for buddies who can join me in these design sessions. I`ll be online around 1800 GMT in 1stMIP TS channel. If you enjoy spending time with mission editor as much as I do, I`d love to exchange scenario ideas and technical tips on mission design. I only have basic experience on editing but have lots of ideas and questions. So if a TG expert can provide some hints and tips, it would be highly appreciated. This can be also considered as a TGU class request if it helps :) Thanks in advance. Cheers.

    PS: If approved by admin team, these missions can also be used for training purposes on our server.

    Short Notes
    - I`ve been building a training base on East coast firing range
    - Weapons, ammo and some vehicles are placed in proper locations
    - Looking forward to learning how to link enemy spawn+attack to a trigger for a basic "defend the base" scenario now. Help needed on this

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    Re: Mission Development Meetings

    This is good news. Also we have a Mission Development channel for this purpose. This is where everyone is willing to help each other out learn the editor and get more good missions ready for the community.
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      Re: Mission Development Meetings

      I made a quick mission last night, still no briefing nor in-game tasks, but again its a simple mission.
      When I come back from work tonight, I will be able to send it your way so that we can test it.




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