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  • Hi, all

    It's been a very long time since I've played with you guys. I think it might have been since August or maybe later. I remember lots of good times messing around on MSO Patrol Ops and lots of good missions, often with Dimitrius as leader. ( I remember that I was in the midst of working on my mission for the Bravo server when school started back up. I've been busy with school and band, and I can't seem to enjoy playing ArmA if I know I have school the next day. I've actually been so out of the loop with ArmA and TG that I missed the ArmA III Alpha release. I'm considering getting it, but I've also been saving up for some new tires for my Jeep. :P I'll see about it. I will definitely be getting the full ArmA III, and I'm also looking forward to GTA 5!

    To cut to the point, I'm looking forward to hopefully playing with you guys this spring break and summer. I've missed the cool teamwork and tactical yet laid-back style of gameplay. There seems to be a lot of new people, and, as I look through the forums, I can't recognize about 2/3 of the names. Congrats on the growth, TG!

    If I can get free, I'll see you guys this spring break! It will probably be like starting over again, due to all the new people and my long absence from ArmA. lol :P

    P.S. Anybody remember me? xD I've been lurking for quite a while lately!

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    Re: Hi, all

    welcome back luke.


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      Re: Hi, all

      Welcome back Luke, I remember you. We are running Arma2 Combined Arms and just started with the Arma3 Alpha last week. If you need help ck the forum area of Armed Assault and hop on TS when you get a chance.


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        Re: Hi, all

        Hey Luke. Welcome back. Is this peppers brother Luke? Or am I thinking of someone else?

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          Re: Hi, all

          Haha, I don't have a brother. I do remember another Luke on here, and I only played with him once. I originally tried to create an account called "Luke", but he beat me to it, lol. From the last I can remember, he isn't around here anymore.


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            Re: Hi, all

            Welcome back Luke!!!! Good luck with school as well my friend
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