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Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

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  • [INFO] Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

    Ok some questions have been raised with regards to the 'rules' pertaining to members of the Community setting up clientside servers to play with their friends and using TG's TeamSpeak to communicate and coordinate.

    The issue has come to the fore with release of the Alpha of Arma 3. Now TG currently has ony one Arma 3 server. Obviously with the excitement of the release of this fantastic title people are very keen to experiment , test missions and maybe try out something different to the mission on the TG server at that time. Most importantly they want to do this with their friends at TG, naturally.

    "So, Wicks, what's the issue?"
    To put it plainly, there isn't one. As long as people use a little common sense and judgement.

    Registered members have always been able to create temporary channels for the purposes of playing games with their friends at TG.

    The area where we ask that a degree of judgement be used is where we host a server/servers for the specific title or where doing so will have a negative impact on the servers we host. Let's look at Arma 3 as an example. We currently have limited resource server wise to cater to everybody's varying tastes and needs. We also recognise that people are busy trying things out, practising, creating content etc.

    We ask that all Community Members be mindful of the efforts to populate official TG servers and continue to support those efforts.

    If the server is full or you wish to work on missions or simpy experiment with friends then please, by all means set up your client side server, create a temporary channel and go at it. Hopefully that form of experimentation will lead to the creation of great new content that can eventually be brought on to the official TG server for everybody to enjoy.

    If we are trying to populate the server please don't attempt to lure people away from that effort and onto your private server. That hurts us all in both the short and long term and would need to be addressed.

    As time goes by I don't doubt we will be in a position to increase the resources available to Arma 3, in the meantime get creating, mission making and testing, I can't wait to see what you can produce.

    Remember this is your Community, these are your friends and you get out what you put in, treat it well.

    Also please remember, even when on your own private server, if you wear TG tags and especially if you are using this Community's Teamspeak, certain standards of conduct are expected. If you invite other individuals on to your server and use our TS, then the standards of conduct apply. If problems are reported that reflect on the Community in a negative light, well that functionality, that facility may be withdrawn for those involved.

    NB: Please do not use TG or TacticalGamer in the title of your server.

    Now get out there and get cracking, see you on battlefield,


    Community Manager
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    Re: Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

    Thanks Wicks good points thanks for the clarity.


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      Re: Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

      Thanks Wicks, now I don't feel like a skulking ner do well.


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        Re: Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

        Perfect! 2 years…2 long years I’ve wanted official acceptance and support for members wanting to run client servers. Much better out in the open with official guidance than sneaking around. I truly appreciate your time and effort addressing this issue Wicks.


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          Re: Clientside Servers, TS and our Community

          Read and understood sir :) Working hard towards the first milestone of 1stMIP Campaign so that we can submit it to Admin Team as an addition to our official server.




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