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73rd Aircav now recruiting for ArmA3

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] 73rd Aircav now recruiting for ArmA3

    The fighting 73rd "In House Squad" has decided to open its doors to new members. We focus on Airborne operations; the 73rd is looking for dare devil pilots and grunts who don't mind jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. We are currently recruiting for both ArmA3 and Planetside 2. Playing both titles is not mandatory, but preferred. As long as you are active in one of the games, you are eligible to become a member. If you are interested in joining, please contact the unit's first in command, John Flenaly Johnflenaly or me, the XO Socomseal.

    What is an In House Squad? Link

    Must be active in ArmA3
    Must have and use a mic. We would love to hear your voice!!!!
    Must be a supporting member. What is a supporting member? Link
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