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How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]

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  • [INFO] How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]


    I converted the extracted information, because not everything matches ArmA

    (All this information can be read in the following documents: "MEDEVAC / CASEVAC GUIDELINES MAY 2011[CAMP ATTERBURY]", "FM 8-10-4 - Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook[US ARMY]")

    A) The PltMedics job is not to be in direct-combat. He usually works directly for the XO or CO
    B) What you would call for is a Medical Evacuation[when the area is november(clear) MedEvac is not allowed to be armed, or escorted by armed objects[Geneva convention] only the Madics are allowed to carry PDWs] or Casualty Evacuation [usually used for a very high amount of injured persons when the area is near combat zone]
    C) The Request for a CasEvac mission will be adressed to the PltMedic or the PltRTO

    Informations of official Documents:

    B. Defense of Medical Units
    1. Medical personnel may carry small arms for personal defense of themselves and defense
    of their patients. Self-defense of medical personnel or defense by medical personnel of their patients is
    always permitted. This does not mean that they may resist capture or otherwise fire on the advancing
    enemy. It means that, if civilian or enemy military personnel are attacking and ignoring the marked medical
    status of medical personnel, medical transoortation, or the medical unit, the medical personnel may provide
    self-protection. If an enemy military force merely seeks to assume control of a military medical facility or a
    vehicle for the purpose of inspection and without firing on it, the facility or vehicle may not resist.

    2. An overall defense plan may not require medical units to take offensive or defensive
    actions against enemy troop at any time. If a medical force is part of a defensive area containing nonmedical
    units, medical personnel may not he responsible for manning part of the overall perimeter. If located in
    isolation, the medical unit may provide its own local and internal security if other support is not available.
    However, all soldiers (medical and nonmedical) providing this internal and local security must comply with
    the requirements in subparagraph 1 above.

    9 Liner Information from MPL to Air Forces
    ArmA importent infos marked orange

    1. Location of pick-up
    2. Radio frequency and call sign of controller
    3. Number of patients and precedence

    A- Urgent
    B- Urgent Surgery
    C- Priority
    D- Routine
    E- Convenience

    4. Equipment Needed

    A- None
    B- Hoist
    C- Extraction Equipment
    D- Ventilator

    5. Patients by type

    L- Litter
    A- Ambulatory

    6. Security at site (Hostile Environment)

    N- No enemy presence
    P- Possible Enemy presences
    E- Enemy Troops (Use Caution)
    X- Enemy Troops (Armed Escort)

    6. (Peacetime) Number and Type of Wounds
    7. Pick-up site markings

    A- Panels
    B- Pyro
    C- Smoke
    D- None
    E- Other

    8. Patient Natinality

    A- US Military
    B- US Civilian
    C- Non-US Military
    D- Non-US Civilian
    E- EPW

    9. NBC Contamination

    N- Nuclear
    B- Biological
    C- Chemical

    9. (Peacetime) Terrain Description

    Power Lines
    Grade of Land

    ArmA Example AIR:

    Squad got under heavy fire. Help for casualty is needed but the squad is not able to break contact.
    The corpsman was able to fix 2 cassies legs but 3 soldiers are combat ineffective.
    The enemy contact is to strong for only 4 left soldiers. Squad Lead desides to call for a Extraction.

    Ch1 LR PlatoonNet
    Ch16 LR Saber Channle
    Ch20 LR Air Forces

    Command Element"Keeper":
    CO Keeper 1-1
    2IC Keeper 1-2
    RTO Keeper Romeo
    MPL (Medical radio identification call sign of medical care personal usually is 'Saber' or 'Acheron') Keeper 1-4 / Saber 1-1 / Saber Romeo

    Squad Element'Baker':

    SL switches from PlatoonNet to Saber LR Ch 16
    "Keeper 1-4 this is Baker 1-1, requesting CasEvac and Extract, over."

    "Baker 1-1 this is Keeper 1-4 reciving, wait, over."
    "Baker 1-1, send information lines, over."

    "Roger, wait, over."
    "Grid is 146-342, break"
    "Times 5 casaulties, break"
    "Times 4 passengers, break"
    "Area is red, break"
    "No ground based fallback possible, break"
    "Identification by smoke possible, break"
    "Additional Information, possible light anti air, over."

    "Baker 1-1 this is Keeper 1-4 all clear, wait, over."

    Map shows best LZ is at 146-341

    "Baker 1-1, Pick-up zone is 146-341, wait, over."

    LR 20 "Priority massage, break... priority massage, over."
    LR 20 "Eagle 1-1, this is MPL Keeper 1-4, CasEvac, over."

    LR 20 "MPL Keeper 1-4 this is Eagle 1-1, roger, read to recive Lines, over."

    LR 20 "146-341, break."
    LR 20 "Channle 1 148, Baker, break."
    LR 20 "9, 3 Bravo, 2 Charlie, 4 Echo, break."
    LR 20 "X-Ray, break."
    LR 20 "Charlie, how copy, over."

    LR 20 "roger, all lines 5by5, CasEvac plus armed escort, Take off in 3 mikes, ETA 8 mikes, over."

    LR 20 "Keeper 1-4 copys, out."

    "Baker 1-1 -- Keeper 1-4, CasEvac on route, ETA one-one mikes, switch longrange channle 1, over."

    "Baker 1-1, copys, out."

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    Re: How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]

    Hello Pax'Jarome Malues,

    Thank you for posting this Pax. It would give players some insight and should be used for information purposes only. It seems that you have a keen interest in such matters. Come talk to me sometime, my door is always open. Who knows of the possibilities? :)

    However, note that this will not be the official requirement during such situations.

    For now, only three checklists should be communicated to higher to save time and to maintain brevity.
    1. How many to pick up.
    2. Pick up zone grid (6 digits) or Pre-designated site.
    3. Amplifying information.
      Marked by smoke,illum,Strobe,Infrared device/marking.
      Ingress, Egress direction.
      Threat in the area.

    Pilots would read back numbers; 2, and 3. even if none.
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      Re: How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]

      According to what they actually teach us, you wouldn't just list "times 5 casualties, break" for line 3. You would actually send "Line 3, 3 Alpha, 2 Bravo, break". This would send that you have 3 "Urgent" level casualties and 2 "Urgent Surgical" level casualties. The difference is irrelevant for in game atm, since a tourniquet in game can stop major internal hemorrhaging...

      Either way, that's how we do it.

      Also, fun fact: You only need to send up to line 5 to get the bird off the ground. After the fifth line, everything else can be sent at a more convenient time, or just given upon extract... we usually practice sending our 9 lines to line 5 only, and ignore the rest, depending on which level of TC3 we're on... usually calling during Tactical Field Care, sometimes finishing the 9 liner during Tactical Evacuation Care.

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        Re: How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]

        ... because not everything matches ArmA
        If we would have real comms, it would be unplayable and a huge waist of time.
        Thats why I cutted away alot. But as I see now, at TG we are to use 3liners.
        Also I never made a real comms training, I just know what I got teached at the UO training for this stuff.
        If I could I would go for complete 9liners, just because its cool, but this is too much for ArmA.
        And here at TG we do not get the numbers of players where we actually would need more standardized comms for the Medical Element.


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          Re: How to Call for CasEvac [Air&Ground]

          Pax, you need it where you see you need it.
          It does not depend on the amount of players and not about how other people think of it.
          If you think it is useful and you get somebody else on the radio who accepts your 9 liner, do it.
          if you really think like you stated last, posting this here is a waste of time.
          what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?




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