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Arma 2 w/ eye tracking?

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  • Arma 2 w/ eye tracking?

    Anyone see this, if you watch kick starter video one of the guys is playing Arma 2 and when he leans the guy leans, I know this is nothing new, that has been done before with TrackIR, FreeTrack, FaceTrack, but they say you can customize what it the sensor looks for and have it output what ever you want. I was just thinking you can go to iron sights when you close one eye, or zoom in when you squint your eyes. I also think this is more accurate then the other Track programs because there are people controlling windows apps, paint programs, and playing games, with the NUIA Eyecharm that needs accurate tracking, more accurate then any of Track programs I mentioned. It would be the best Tracking solution in Arma 2 yet. No head gear, and it will not be as shaky as the Track programs in use now, because its tracking eye movement not head movement. I also think you could do Ultra realistic head turning in Arma 2, where if when your eyes get near the edge of the screen your Free Aim head starts to turn, so instead of other Trackers where you turn your head and keep your eyes straight(known to cause neck pain, and nausea), you can keep your head straight at all times and your eyes will be turning your head. I think it would feel much more realistic, and where ever your eye goes will always be in focus, and saves you from neck pain and nausea. Check it out, I think its 60 bucks but you will need a kinect, I do not have a kinect but I am considering getting one now. If you have a Kinect and do get this NUIA Eyecharm please give Arma 2 a try and share your experiences.

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    Re: Arma 2 w/ eye tracking?

    Sounds awesome!




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