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T-90 model and performance

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  • T-90 model and performance

    Has anyone of you noticed that there is something odd about the modeling of the T-90 and the M1A2? I mean - when shooting at a M1A2 TUSK in particular even 90 degree shots AT A DISTANCE OF 400 - 900 METERS the TUSK is just fine moves and shoots and sometimes one has to shoot it several times. The TUSK version of the m1a2 is rated as a 600mm of hull and 780mm turret, the ammo of the T-90 is rated 600 - 650mm AT 2000 meters. At closer ranges it is even more! So how is this fixed as far as editing the models of vehicles goes, I've seen others observing that too?

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    Re: T-90 model and performance

    You want decrease defence of TUSK or increase damage of T90's ammo? For me seems it will broke other things like "M1A2 was destroyed by M72" or "Green Mountain disappear from Chernarus after T90's shot"... I mean you will need change parameters for other weapons, after this for vehicles and objects/buildings at the end.

    Maybe those links will help u increase bugs in Arma2:
    ArmA 2 OA: Vehicles
    CfgVehicles Config Reference


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      Re: T-90 model and performance

      Good links Chichco

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        Re: T-90 model and performance

        The Armour with vehicles has to do with bi or custom .mat (material files) you can make minor changes in the config but it will affect the entire model instead of the armour so say you increase the armour value and some one fires a javlin in to the tank and nothing happens becaue the entire tank is covered in 820mm armour instead of the 100 or 60 on the top.

        Short of making a new model or going and creating new .mats and calling them in the model cfg.

        I'm fairly sure thats what can be done.
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