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  • Bravo Event Friday Night AAR

    Mission Commander: Major Dimitrius
    Mission Location: Falliujah
    Detarchment: Tactical Gamer, D Company, 1st Platoon

    Last night was probably the best gaming session we've had in months, all things considered. Typically this time of year is known as "Winter" around here. We don't have much going on as the weather has improved, school's out, the sun is more prevalent, and vacations start, among other factors. Last night we had a constant attendance of 20 or more people for a good solid 5 hours.

    We had two failed mission starts as the ACE outward interaction feature seems to be broken in our MSO based missions. Thirty minutes of good convoy preparation fell apart after it was discovered our medic could not administer epinephrine to a wounded soldier. Not one to skip a beat, we switched to a static mission on Fallujah.

    This mission went much better as there was no dependance on heavy MSO scripting. The roster is listed below(To the best of my memory)

    Rivet Actual

    Command: DImitrius
    Dr. Redshirt
    Bright Colors

    Rivet One
    Squad Leader: Beckner

    Rivet Two
    Squad Leader: Feared

    Pilot: Ops

    Operation objective: Locate and demolish weapons cache in Jolan Park, west central fallujah.

    Rivet platoon was tasked with locating and destroying a reported weapons cache in Jolan Park on the night of June 21st. I had the pilot deliver both Rivet Actual and Rivet One to the east of the target zone in a street straddled in between two rows of derelect high rise apartment blocks. Rivet one secured the LZ while our Pacer, our rotary transport, returned to base, picked up Rivet Actual, and delivered us to the LZ completing our initial insertion. Once regrouped, Rivet 1 was ordered inside the hot zone to a waypoint several blocks east of our objective. The target area consisted of Jolan park which was comprised of several thousand square meters of open grass land with light tree cover. The neighborhoods on all sides were reported to contain several enemy patrols and contact was expected during our efforts.

    Rivet One moved off to the east and Rivet Actual, myself Zypher, Dr Redshirt, Joman(medic), sikata, and bright colors waited at the LZ for Pacer to deliver a re-enforcement. We setup on the southern corner of the street that contained the high rises and waited. The re-enforcement was delivered and FEARED hopped out of the chopper, ran twenty meters towards us, turned and faced us, and then promptly tossed a grenade directly at our feet...


    Several members of Actual sustained subsequent damage and Dr. Redshirt was seriously wounded in the friendly fire incident in which FEARED accidentally tossed a live grenade after losing his weapon in the chopper. We healed our wounded, got FEARED a proper rifle and a receipt for a courts marshal, and were about to head off towards the AO when PACER informed us that an additional re-enforcement was inbound. We parked ourselves at the LZ and waited. At this time, Sikata unexpectedly let off several bursts of gunfire straight into Dr. Redhsirt, the ground, the sky, and the unsuspecting wall beside him in a confused fray of friendly fire.

    Another coupon for a courts marshal was issued, Joman shocked Dr. Redshirt back to life, and we shoved off towards the east to join the fight.

    Several hundred meters into the hot zone, RIVET ONE came onto the radio and reported enemy contact on the left side of the road in front of us. I moved my team to the north east corner of RIVET ONES location and setup a CCP. Myself, Zypher, Bright Colors, Tiberia, FEARED, Bolagnase, and Dr. Redshirt secured the location while Joman setup a safe zone inside of one of the buildings on the corner. Our defensive position served well as we fended off several contacts to our south, both motorized and foot mobile, while four or five casualties from RIVET ONE were triaged by our medic. We stayed on that corner for twenty minutes and at this time, had enough re-enforcements to create RIVET TWO. I assigned all re-enforcements to FEARED and set them off, along with RIVET ONE, to the Eastern limit of Jolan Park.

    Jolan Park compromises approximately sixty thousand squared meters of grass and trees. The park is split in half by an MSR that cuts along its east to west axis. I split RIVET ONE South and RIVET TWO North to patrol the houses on the perimeter of the park. I did not want any surprises when it came time to search the park. PACER had reported several enemy contacts in Jolan Park proper so we knew the area was hot. Both Teams made it to the far side of the park when enemy contact ramped up. RIVET ONE reported casualties so I began to move RIVET ACTUAL to the southern neighborhood to assist. We found RIVET ONE with two casualties and worked their wounded for about five mintues. At this time RIVET TWO reported contact to the north of the park. I ordered RIVET ONE to begin moving up the west side of the park and RIVET ACTUAL tagged along on their six. Half way up the park I lost communication with RIVET TWO and began to worry about their status. A broken call crackled over the 343 and Axis reported that he was the lone surviving member of RIVET TWO and that he was tending to the remaining wounded of his team.

    The clock started ticking...

    I ordered RIVET ONE to hold the Northern part of the park while RIVET ACTUAL moved off to locate RIVET TWO. Axis did not have a GPS and only had a general idea of his location. PACER was on station in a constant orbit overhead in the blackhawk so I requested his assistance in locating our wounded RIVET TWO. He located and hovered over the downed team for minute or two and we saw him several blocks north of Jolan Park. We made haste in that direction and heard Axis call out enemy contact over the radio. Once we got within two blocks of RIVET TWO I requested Axis fire a round in the air to help us locate him. After two repeat shots fired into the air, we were able to locate him and his wounded. I had RIVET ACTUAL surround the decimated RIVET TWO and Joman worked the wounded once again. Unfortunately, we were too late for several of the soldiers and they died.

    PACER delivered two re-enforcements, Jax, and DEVIANT at about this time and they assisted us in securing the area. RIVET ONE was already searching the park for the cache and had reported they had found it. I ordered them to destroy the weapons cache and we made haste towards the park. PACER took fire from one of the neighboring areas and managed to land his damaged black hawk successfully.

    The mission ended with a successful completion of our objective.

    I was very happy with the result, excellent work you guys.

    I am going to try to keep this Friday Night get together going over the summer. Hopefully you will all be available again next weekend.

    For the record, here is a screenshot of our attendance. Every man in this channel was working together, as a team, in an organized and cohesive fashion. This is TG at its best.

    These are the recollections of Major Dimitrius, Tactical Gamer, D Company, 1st Platoon.
    June 21st, evening.

    Current ARMA Development Project: No Current Project

    "An infantryman needs a leader to be the standard against which he can judge all soldiers."

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