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  • [INFO] State of ArmA Address

    Some of you may have read that Unkl stepped down recently to peruse opportunities in real life, he is still part of the team and when you see him next make sure you thank him for all the hard work he did as GO. As for myself, I am a returning GO for ArmA, I ran the title for several years previously so ArmA is near and dear to my gaming heart.

    As you all know, ArmA III is in its final stages prior to final release. ArmA III is the evolution of OFP to today, it has finally reached its full potential. In the past all of the titles were limited based on minor glitches, VOIP, sounds, AI, etc, which some were worked out over time but always hampered success. With ArmA III Alpha, the game seemed fairly well polished minus the content. The Beta, is even better and it looks that the final will be something to behold.

    First off, ArmA II is not going away any time soon. The title works and there is plenty of content and action to enjoy on the servers. As long as the servers stay populated ArmA II will be hosted at TG. There won’t be any shift in gameplay, MODs, or missions hosted here. So by all means continue to enjoy the servers.

    With the inevitable release of the ArmA III, TG has decided to take a minor shift in direction to the way the title is presented here. ArmA III will be fine-tuned to a “hardcore sim”. We are going to change the direction of the missions we host, the size of the players in game, and the way we administer the community. Most of you are already great ArmA players who utilize great tactics, so this won’t affect too many.

    Over the past 7 years we have explored various different gameplays and styles that seem to have evolved over time. Some of it was based off necessity, some of it was based of the interest of the community. With ArmA III, we will be stripping away some of the things that we offer and making the servers vanilla for the immediate future. We will not host MODs or persistent play on the servers. Persistent play may be around for organized events, but we will let you know when that will happen.

    Small unit tactics will be the center of what we are trying to achieve. This means that you won’t see massive missions with 50+ people and countless objectives to achieve. Things like that are fine for events, but the rotational missions we are shooting for the 12-20 player max missions. The mission style we want are things like CQB, hostage rescue, route clearance, patrols, and PvP, things of those nature. Basically missions geared towards the elements with the numbers we are talking about. This does not mean the missions will be simple, rather I expect them to be complex and dynamic.

    Another aspect we will be instituting will be strict penalties for dying, i.e. you’re a seagull. In simulation/real life there is no such thing as respawns, this is not a FPS and it will not be run as such. This will be a change from the some people’s mentality, but in time it will create a much closer team that is very deliberate and disciplined in the way it executes its missions. We understand there are the times where you get the lucky stray bullet from the AI, so we are looking into those solutions. We also want to control the JIP (Join In Progress). Someone spawning in the middle of a mission can be a distractor, however we also have to cater to the people that are not simply waiting around for a game to start. Through the use of AI slots only, will JIP be possible. Otherwise you will have to wait a few minutes or jump on the second server.

    Overall the length of the missions will be designed where people can expect a mission will last 30-60+ minutes, contingent on success or failure. There is a great possibility we will implement a second server in the near future that caters to people who don’t have that kind of time to commit to the game. That server should have quicker objectives or countdown style missions where you can manage your time better.

    There are also several topics I wanted to touch upon so everyone will be on the same page:

    We are exploring ways to simplify the way we communicate. The in-game VOIP seems to work great, so we will begin to utilize that whenever we can. I am a stickler for communication, in the sense you simply have to do it. I am not overly worried that in the middle of action people do not use proper call signs, I am more worried that no matter what, you are listening to the leader and communicating back. This does include typing as a form of communicating, it is acceptable but not if you are in a leadership position. Also, the easiest way will be to use everyone’s name as their call sign until a better method is found. Having to refer to arbitrary numbering for team positions wastes time and confuses people. We plan on outlining exactly how we expect everyone to communicate before the title is released. TeamSpeak will be used to form games or chat while dead, but only as a backup. If you want to simply hang out with your ArmA friends, we have created a “Lobby” in TS for this. We kindly ask that you don’t disturb the players in game.

    I am a huge advocate of teaching those who want to learn. We are trying to work out a schedule were once a week we will take the time to help the people who want to try leadership be afforded the opportunity to have people teach you. This means setting up a dedicated server where resident experts and admins will help guide you through everything from communications, movement, tactics and methodologies. This will not be limited to simply foot patrols, but based off the needs of the community it will include vehicle convoys, air movements, etc. I don’t have a schedule as yet, but once we are ready to execute everyone can begin to sign up if interested.

    Nothing is more exciting than organized events. Having a schedule that people can plan around just so they can play is essential. We currently run several events here at TG and want to continue to maximize who is able to participate. If there are better times that accommodate not just US based players, but also European and others. If we have to run multiple events to cater to those crowds, we will definitely look into it.

    They are here to facilitate everyone having a good time in-game. That being said, they all have other tasks and real lives as well. They can’t always be in-game, but one of us can probably be reached fairly easily if there is an issue. If there is a private topic any of you want to talk about, please bring it the “Contact An Admin” forum where the admin team can interact with you. If there is ever a time where you feel that there may be an issue with an admin, immediately come to me and there will be some rapid resolution.

    I want everyone to discuss everything ArmA related in the forums here. This forum is where likeminded individuals can talk about ArmA. However, this is not the sandbox and it will not run like that, we already have one in the above forums. This place is where constructive discussions occur with rational people. If you troll in the ArmA forums for arguments, you will find yourself suddenly not welcome here. Treat your fellow gamers here with the respect they deserve.

    Hopefully some of what I addressed is not a shock to anyone, it falls directly incline with the TG Primer. The title has and continues to evolve, as does TG. The intentions with ArmA III is to showcase the teamwork and maturity to the gaming world with what we have here at TG. I look forward to seeing everyone in game…
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