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  • A3 Beta - Update released

    I'm updating the A3 server ATM. In the meantime, here is some reading material from the A3 Official site regarding the release:

    FROM: Project Lead
    TO: Beta Users
    UNIT: Arma 3 Beta
    ACTIVITY: Game Update: 0.72 (Interface layout options, Steam invites, Fatigue feedback, Fixathon)
    SIZE: ~885 MB


    Added: Ability to set starting time of Defend Kamino (MP)
    Firing Drills: Automatic reload and resupply added upon restart (for lazy Mr. Endstar)
    Firing Drills: Now using symbology on selector targets
    Firing Drills: Ability to immediately quit at the end of CoFs added
    Firing Drills: CoF Green - updated to reflect changed magazines for sidearm
    Firing Drills: Times of day tweaked to match new Stratis configuration
    Firing Drills: Use of color was inconsistent for non-medal times
    Firing Drills: Restarting within a CP would leave the IGUI element active
    Firing Drills: Medal icon sometimes shown using Training rules
    Firing Drills: Added audio cue when going over the next medal time
    Firing Drills: Conversations all switched to radio again
    Showcase time of day tweaks to match Stratis sunrise configuration
    Showcase SCUBA now uses Titan launchers instead of RPG-42
    "Interface Layout" configuration tool added to Game Options
    Added: More heads to select from in user profile
    Interface clock control replaced with an improved version in map, editor, briefings and tasks
    AI icons in role assignment screen are not deformed anymore<
    Fixed: Cargo cannot take control from commander
    Gunner and driver of class "Car" and its children now use optics to detect targets
    Tweaked collision damage to vehicles. They now should be a bit more resistant, mostly at lower speeds.
    Tweaking of wheels and suspension of both APCs (floating in air)
    Adjusted agility of helicopters
    Added parachutes to light helicopters
    Passengers of all helicopters are now able to eject and paradrop
    Added cargo parachutes for supports
    Fixed: It is no longer possible to get directly from flatbed / cargo space to cabin of Trucks and vice versa
    Adjusted radius of Zamak's destroyed wheels
    Zamak now has the correct wheels destroyed (by shooting)
    Doors of Mi-48 are closed by default now
    Fixed getting in UH-80 as pilot for more players simultaneously
    Gunners of UH-80 should be able to switch seats
    Added day camouflage variant of Ghost Hawk
    Weapons of CH-49 cargo no longer stick out of the roof
    Tweaked hit points of the CH-49 Mohawk
    Disabled levitation of the Strider's wheels
    Fixed glass on doors of Ifrit
    Green faction assault boat has its own texture
    Green faction has its SDV now
    Marid's crew should now abandon vehicle when all steerable wheels are gone
    Fixed: Marid should have correct names of weapons
    Fixed: Path to sounds of Speedboat
    Speedboat's water friction has been tweaked
    Engines of armed Strider hit points now have correct names
    Fixed: AMV map icon was too small
    Fixed: HEMTT exhaust right next to passenger head
    HEMTT now has correct destruction of cargo part
    Fixed: HEMTT windshield destruction
    Fixed: HEMTT various descruction issues
    Adjusted AH-9 missile burst for AI
    Basic collimator optics should have the same zeroing
    Iron sights of SOS optics now have correct zeroing
    Tweaked basic setting of the direction of grenade throws
    Fire mode switches are now animated for most weapons
    GM6 rate of fire has been adjusted
    Katiba variants are back
    Flares light intensity tweaked
    Changed magazine for Green faction pistol in equipment
    Aiming of the ACP-C2 has been adjusted
    ACP-C2 uses .45 magazines
    Fixed: ACP-C2 and Vermin should have sound suppressors for .45 ACP ammo (class muzzle_snds_acp)
    Improved ASRAAM behavior
    Tweaked recoils for Scorpion and Vermin
    Fixed: OPFOR Recon should have their weapons back
    Fixed: Tweaked dispersion of mortar shells
    Fixed: PCML and RPG-42 use unguided missiles
    Careless AI are no longer stuck in prone after crawling under an obstacle
    Parachuting soldiers are not sad anymore (death pose removed)
    Adjusted vulnerability of character heads
    OPFOR helmet heads-up displays retracted
    OPFOR recon units inventory loadouts changed to match their BLUFOR recon counterparts
    Weight and capacity of all uniforms, vests and bags overhauled into one logical, balanced and gradually scaling norm, where bags of the same type and / or purpose should share corresponding values with minor side unique differences.
    Fixed: OPFOR Recon inventory loadout
    Adjusted Stratis' world coordinates (affects time of day effects)
    Fixed: No units on certain Sites
    Animal Sites enabled
    Animal Sites generation reworked into a function
    Animal Sites MP support added
    Changed: Minefield Site now rotates all mines in the direction of the Site module
    Fixed: Support type no longer available without any usable providers (Supports module)
    Fixed: Script error messages caused by Supports module (
    Added: Dialog for custom init code for virtual providers in Supports module
    Added: Dialog for custom supply crate init code for supply drop in Supports module
    Added: Custom HQ parameter for Support Requester module
    Added: HQ now informs you if you have new supports available (when using the Supports module). You can disable these reports by using BIS_SUPP_reportNewSupports = false;
    Added: "Create diary record" module now allows adding a briefing entry to sides of synchronized units and to all playable units (the same options as "Create task" module have). This should simplify MP mission configuration.
    Added: Module for setting a group callsign, can be found in "Group Modifiers" category.
    Fixed: Units created BIS_fnc_spawnGroup were in the wrong order and of incorrect ranks.
    Added: "Headquarters" module, assigning HQ speaker with specific callsign for the given side.
    Added: Scripted event handler "ticketsExhausted" is now called when number of respawn tickets reaches 0.
    Fixed: Error messages when placing certain modules without input parameters
    Suffocating PP effects disabled for animals
    Fixed: Error in BIS_fnc_arrayShift (
    BIS_fnc_endMission is now terminated when trying to trigger a good ending over a bad one
    Apart from "Synchronized Units" and "Groups of synchronize units", the "Create Task" module now offers new options - "Sides of synchronized units" and "All playable units"
    Entering Splendid Camera while in vehicle optics resulted in NVG / TI modes being black
    Removed: Ambient Combat module. It was a simple port from Arma 2 and it wasn't maintained anymore.
    Fix: respawnDelay entry was ignored when defined as a string, not as a number
    No more infinite clicking if space is held to skip titlecards or establishing shots
    No longer possible to press buttons other than Space and Esc while titlecards or establishing shots are playing
    Added: Respawn templates expanded by ability to define side specific templates using new description.ext params: respawnTemplatesWest, respawnTemplatesEast, respawnTemplatesGuer and respawnTemplatesCiv. When not found for player's side, existing respawnTemplates param is used instead.
    Added: In CfgFunctions, 'forced' entry allowed designer to execute a function on mission start, before units are initialized. The entry is now renamed to 'preInit', and new entry 'postInit' provides option to execute the function right after objects were initialized.
    Config definition parameter (_this select 7) in advanced hint function removed. No need for it anymore, function checks all config files now.
    Notifications now support independent definition of picture color and picture text color
    Introduced several variants (5 up from 1) of glass shard effects for destructible glass based on size and shape of windows
    Fixed: Selections of windows on airport control tower
    Fixed: Missing radio protocol sentence for Helicopter Attack "chopper destroyed" event
    Fixed: Mortar sound reload spectral edited
    ACP-C2 now uses 9Rnd_45ACP_Mag magazine and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
    Vermin SMG now uses 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01 and 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01_tracer_green magazines and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
    Green faction has received its SDV with class I_SDV_01_F
    Green faction has received its Supply create with class I_supplyCrate_F
    Support for Steam friend invites / joins
    Added: Wind synchronization in MP
    Disabled loading screen when switching closing map
    Switching weapon modes doesn't require two key presses when the weapon info IGUI is hidden anymore
    AI use Thermal Imagery to detect enemy when available
    Removed warp when reloading in 3D optics
    Improved thread synchronization of object drawing
    Recognition of damaged part of body has been improved
    Fix and slight optimization of detection of Simul Weather optimization
    Fixed: Brightness of nearby objects in the first frame after map display is closed
    Fixed: Items disappearing during inventory operations
    Fixed: Unable to take weapons from non-local containers
    Fixed: MP: Unable to throw grenades after taking vest from ground
    Fixed: Magazine not being removed for other clients if a player loads it directly into their gun
    Fixed: When player tries to place a vest or uniform into a backpack from the ground, target backpack will be copied and stored on the ground
    Fixed: Headgear no longer displayed after leaving a multiplayer game
    Fixed: Players could not access vehicles that cannot move
    Fixed: Helicopters don't wait with another burst of CounterMeasures
    Fixed: Helicopter collective ascent / descent rates were not consistent among devices
    Fixed: GET IN waypoint - AI went for wrong seats in the helicopters
    Fixed: Icons and text outside of valid area in combo boxes, added ST_NO_RECT style support
    Fixed: Text alignment support for map icons
    Added: Scripting commands for tree interface control
    Fixed: Command enableEnvironment to toggle off all ambient wildlife
    Fixed: setAmmo command description
    Fixed: AI turn limitation while aiming
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    Hopefully they have fixed that fatigue. Only yesterday I commented to garthra that I must be the unfittest soldier ever after moving 50m in a crouch and almost vomiting from the blur.

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      Re: A3 Beta - Update released

      Yes and mission makers will need to fix their missions. What Xeno posted about Domination no longer working after .72 update and may be true for other missions as well.

      “Simply change forced = 1 in CfgFunctions to preInit = 1 and it should work again. Though, the new implementation seems to have a bug. The preinit file is executed after init.sqf and not like it was before before init.sqf. Thus you most likely will still see errors...”

      But it’s a beta…what do you want?


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        Re: A3 Beta - Update released

        Note as reported in another thread this includes the changes in the dev release that have moved the needle on FPS. Not trying to promote FPS chasing, but for those that may have found the game unplayable previously due to borderline system specs, it may be worth investigating / re-evaluating again with this latest stable patch. I am pretty sure it's related to the thread optimization line item.




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