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Battle Drill Today - Reaction To Contact

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  • Battle Drill Today - Reaction To Contact

    This afternoon at about 1pm EDT [1700 Zulu] TGU will run a Battle Drill on the A3 server for
    Reaction To Contact

    As per the TGU Reference Library check out the following prior the session to really get what this is about.

    Actions On Contact - Fire Team SOP
    Actions On Contact - SOP

    How many times have you seen two fire teams get hunkered down & static when reacting to contact. The allure of getting in the shots is quite appealing. The allure of also conserving your ammo for later in the mission is appealing. But when you follow the 4 F's you get great results.
    FIND - find your contact. Pass it to the team. The forward team gets on line preferably in cover.

    FIX - the forward team will fix the enemy in their position by laying down a high volume of suppressive fire. They may be assisted by the second team if the leader says so. Once the enemy are pinned the volume of fire may be reduced.

    FLANK - the second team moves to flank according to the leaders directions. When they are on the enemy flank they announce they are prepared to attack. They do so and when they get close to the enemy position & in danger of approaching the first teams line of fire they call "Lift Fire" or "Shift Fire" on the radio so the first team knows not to fire on friendlys at the enemies position.

    FOLLOW THROUGH - the attacking team now moves fully through the enemy position ensuring all threats are down. The teams regroup, dispatch the enemy supplies and maintain a 360 until the leader has conducted an review of the teams Ammunition and Casualties/injuries and Equipment [ACE report].
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    Re: Battle Drill Today - Reaction To Contact

    I am going to desperately try to attend!




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