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ArmA Admin – Open Recruiting

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  • ArmA Admin – Open Recruiting

    In an effort to expand the Admin team for ArmA, I am opening up to the general public an opportunity to apply. I am purposely looking outside the norm to everyone here, so if you meet the minimum qualifications please don’t hesitate to apply. Yes this will be just like a normal job, I get the submission/resume and give then you get an interview via TS.

    In applying, the best way to address this is an actual formal response sent to me via PM. I will take Word, PDF or simple text. You are welcome to discuss with me personally in TS any questions prior, but a written response is necessary. I will leave it up to you how the responses should look.

    Must be a Supporting Member, not waiverable nor my rule
    Own and be active with ArmA III title

    Desired skills:
    Technical knowledge of computers
    Availability to participate regularly in events and online gaming
    Mission editing

    I would also like to hear why you think you would make a good admin and what you offer to the team.

    I would also like to see a reference (if possible) from some of your fellow gamers included. If you have people you play with that I can talk to about your professionalism and skills here at TG, I definitely want to know.

    There will be a down-select based on qualified applicants and I will definitely let every candidate know where they stand. The initial submission needs to occur no later than 15 September. Good luck!!
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