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Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

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  • Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

    Wow, what a release day.

    Just jumped off a great mission with Unkl, Chief, B,Zap, Vitamin, Xorilliaz and many more, where we swept through a large section of Altis destroying weapons caches and then exfil'd by Helo.

    Firstly I wanted to say thanks to everyone for quite easily my best nights gaming in many, many months. I'd also like to offer my apologies to the two friendlies I tk'd on the hill in the previous mission. Always the way isn't it, contact front 400M, then you hear "another fireteam moving in from the right" and of course that's when you pull off two 400m headshots on targets moving out of a woodline lol, had they been enemy I don't doubt both shots would have been high, wide and handsome. Moving swiftly on cough cough ahem.

    Got to have a nice look at just how enormous and varied Altis is and what an amazing array of tactical challenges it presents. A truly magnificent map, just incredible.

    Most importantly got to squad up with some old friends and new acquaintances. Was really great to see some top notch leading from some of our regulars, good job Unkl et al, and some really good, intuitive teamwork from people that may not have played together before. Another major highlight for me personally was how good the organic teamwork, discipline and tactical work was at times, much of it quite effortless. At times we would all individually do something that wasn't quite perfect, and to be frank that's all it was, not quite perfect, which in view of the pickup type nature of the game, well, the level of tactical sense and cohesion was pretty impressive. Seriously, to see people really thinking and assessing their situation at each turn in the road, taking time to cover each other's movement, communicate angles of potential threat to teammates etc, just excellent, really top draw. There was some seriously 'high speed, low drag' operating going on, some of it from Operators that shall we say, have more stuff dragging these days than we do have moving at high speed. Still with age comes wisdom and as ever 'slow is smooth and smooth is fast'.

    Great comms most of the time, good communication of intent, some stellar fireteam/buddy work and some real slick close quarter movement and execution, just love when people take the time to get the 'little' (actually really important) stuff right that means the job gets done efficiently with minimum risk to friendlies. Big thanks to Unkl,Chief and Zap. Our OAP trip to Altis beach resulted in a large casualty list for the enemy and a completed objective.

    Fantastic mission, thanks all once again, see you tomorrow for more of the same.

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    Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

    That mission came together very nicely. Drop-in players gathered and listened very well except one. Communications were tight as a button. Teamwork was top notch for a pick up game. I concur, one of the best in a while.


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      Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

      I opened up that 8 player mission and saw the sea of enemy units and said to myself, "No way doubling the players will make this achievable". There is so many ai on that map that it bogs down a little even on our muscle machine. But, man we did have some awesone teamwork and made it through first attempt. Thanks to all who played indeed.
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        Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

        Although over the past few years I have enjoyed gaming with most of the folks doing this mission last night I think the key to our collective enjoyment was the mission itself. The mission is simple, doesn’t have tons of content, no vehicles or helos (until the very end), no time wasted choosing weapons because you had to make do with what you came in with. However the low fog early dawn start with enemy vehicle lights and infantry flashlights sometimes giving away their position really sets the mood. And the story line along with numerous targets keeps it interesting with sufficient action. Sure hope this was the first of many enjoyable evenings for all of us.


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          Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

          I led a fireteam for about an hour on the second mission. Sad face-had to leave midway through. Great Squadleading by B and thanks to my FT members Joe and Vitamin.

          Altis is great. What a map. Wicks said it. The early morning fog, enemy vehicle lights and the stellar lay out of the very large city made this mission memorable. Looking forward to many, many more. No interruptions tonight !!! I'll be on for hours.
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            Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

            Great mission, TG players , Arma III = good times!


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              Re: Great games on Arma 3 release day at Tactical Gamer

              Thanks Grunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . you were awesome!!! . . . . and thank you to the commanders for allowing the "auto riflemen" to take out the two guards on the bridge early in the mission - I'll admit my heart was pounding to make sure I did NOT let the team down . . . . SCORE!!!!

              Good stuff to all and thank you for helping me when I ran out of my ONLY belt of ammo (need to check load-outs even in mission directed kits) . . . . scavenge a few dead EI for rifles and ammo . . . and even get a few kills along the way.

              Thanks team, looking forward to more soon,





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