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" CO's refresher " TG ArmA III Event - 22 Sep 13

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  • " CO's refresher " TG ArmA III Event - 22 Sep 13

    Hey peeps!

    Im gonna be in charge for the next TG-B mission and i taught it could be useful to have a small refresher on some basic stuff.

    Keep in mind the following, im not trying to insult anyone's intelligence and its a very dumb down version of proper procedures.
    But for the sake of in-game 'smoothness' im asking that every player on the roaster take a look at it. Its about 25 min , you can play it in background if you know your ****, if you dont, well take a closer look ;)

    Sorry for the quality, i wrapped it all up in about 2 hours so their are some mistakes in it.

    I will post mission orders on this forum Friday or Saturday so everybody will have the chance to take some notes.

    If you have any question please ask!

    link :



    p.s. If you want more , take a look at my other videos on my youtube channel, i made some cleaner and more polished presentation on the same subject.

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    Re: " CO's refresher " TG ArmA III Event - 22 Sep 13

    Even if you are not playing in the mission (me) this is still a good refresher.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: " CO's refresher " TG ArmA III Event - 22 Sep 13

      Thanks Ratatomik!


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        Re: " CO's refresher " TG ArmA III Event - 22 Sep 13

        Some details are emerging as the mission is coming together. These details will be in the briefing. But for preparedness and extra hype sake, they are being revealed here.

        Only medic roles will be able to revive. That means SLs and FTLs and the squaddies have to make sure to protect their medic.

        It will take 30 or so seconds of continued treatment from a medic for a downed soldier to come back up. This means medics cannot run out and try to do a quick revive. Drag, Carry, Smoke and cover are your best friends now.

        If your life timer (10 minutes) runs out and can no longer be revived, there are two respawn points available to everybody. Please stay within your base. NATO soldiers respawn at NATO base while FIA soldiers respawn at FIA base.

        Ammunition is class based. Holosights, ACO and RCOs are available to all NATO soldiers. Specialized equipments available to specialists are special. Some roles are mission critical (Demo expert or Engineer must be slotted for certain objectives.). Your ammobox refills every thirty minutes. If you die and respawn at base and try to regear up within 30 minutes, you might find yourself without a weapon for a while.

        Squad Leader/ Team Leader: Laser Designator. For CAS.
        Demolitions Expert: Toolkit, Mine detector = EOD specialist. Disables mines. Satchels and explosive are only available to him and engineers.
        Engineer: Tookit = Can repair vehicles. Mine detector = disable mines. Satchels explosive charges only available to him and explosive specialsit.
        Missile Specialist: Titan compact. Only long range AT available. (Limited number of PCML/NLAW available in the invetory of vehicles)
        Combat Life savers: Medikit. Extra First Aid Kits (FAKs). Only medics have extra FAKs available to them.
        Grenadier: 3GL. Semi automatic 3 round Grenade Launcher equipped with Red Smoke for painting CAS targets and High Explosive rounds for devastating mini artillery..

        Freedom fighters are little more desperate. Reta will be their second medic. They only have RPGs. They have no scopes (ACOs and Holos only), except their sharpshooters (SOS for Olexa and MRCO for Reta).

        This pertains to those who will be handling high tech equipments. There are three classes of vehicles.
        1. Super expensive, so valuables (Respawns only once. After 20 minutes from loss)... Tanks, Commanche attack chopper, UAV with CAS capabilities.
        2. Expensive (Respawns twice. After 15 minutes from loss)... HMG Hunters. Marshall, Tracked APCs. UGVs.. etc
        3. Not so expensive (Respawns 5 times. After 10 minutes from destruction)... Plain Hunters. Transport trucks. Transport choppers... etc...

        There is no deserted timer... Meaning if a vehicle is not destroyed and abandoned out in the field, they will not come back to base after a certain period of time... They must be recovered (repaired to functionality by engineers and bring it to base for full repair) or destroyed (counts against ticket of respawn).

        FIA has level 2 vehicles (Offroad MG) and level 3 vehicles (Truck).

        The rule of thumb here is: Take care of your assets... The more powerful an asset, more careful it should be treated.
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