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I'll be back... when I have better PC equipment...

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  • I'll be back... when I have better PC equipment...

    As it is now, I'm running into the same problem in A3 as I am with Planetside 2: my processor is letting me down.

    I've ordered some miscellaneous PC equipment - to include an aftermarket cooler which I've not needed before now - to beef up my proc speed a bit. I played a small mission today and I was running in the 15 - 20 fps range, despite my tinkering with settings.

    I COULD run this game maxed out, but the AI processing and various simulation-related activities that a processor needs to crank out once rounds start to fly bogs my little 3 year old i7 860 down. I'll overclock it a bit and see what happens.

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    Re: I'll be back... when I have better PC equipment...

    I feel ya man. Just a couple days ago I was still running my i7 860 and GTX 275. I could get around 20-30 FPS if I was lucky and got the settings just right, but not overclocked at all. The trick is to find those settings that while on low will use CPU, but on standard or high will use GPU, like shadows, etc. and tweak them.

    I was finally able to upgrade and got all my stuff yesterday, and it makes a world of difference but there are still hiccups..




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