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  • Jeepo
    started a topic Todays patch

    Todays patch

    Change log!

    reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on Wednesday 11th December 2013
    FROM: Project Lead
    TO: Arma 3 Users
    UNIT: Main Branch
    ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.08 (AAF Reinforcements Pack, Workshop improvements)
    SIZE: ~1 GB


    Added MBT-52 Kuma tank
    Added FV-720 Mora Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Added: Wy-55 Hellcat (armed and unarmed) helicopters
    Added: LRPS optics
    Added: IR grenades
    Added: Black variants of MX rifles
    Added: Selected parts of the Tactical Guide to Field Manual
    Added: Guerrilla headwear with headsets
    Added: Improved narrative characters
    Added: AAF Armor Groups for editor
    Added: 7 new faces of developers
    Added: 4 new ambient sounds
    Added: New pile of wood model
    Added: New camping light model
    Added: 3 graves
    Added: 2 variants of a garbage container
    Added: 5 variants of graffiti
    Added: Playground castle with slide!
    Added: 2 wooden shelves
    Added: Various leaflets and posters
    Added: Board map of Altis, Stratis and customizable empty map
    Added: Five variants of luggage heaps
    Added: Four variants of a trash barrel
    Added: Various fishing gear
    Added: Third Altian Radio Protocol
    Tweaked: ScrollBar scrollSpeed
    Tweaked: Adjusted stances have their speeds
    Tweaked: Panther turning and acceleration performance
    Tweaked: Kamysh hull hitpoint (minor)
    Tweaked: Slammer hitpoints (tracks less resistant to mines)
    Tweaked: Tracks fire geometry for artillery
    Tweaked: T-100 geometry
    Tweaked: Post-Processing refract texture for rain
    Tweaked: More materials on armored vehicles
    Tweaked: Bandana model in far LODs
    Tweaked: AI engagement ranges. AIs should prefer full-auto mode with MX SW.
    Tweaked: Position and anti-collision lights on aircrafts (to make the lights glow smaller from large distances and larger from close distances)
    Optimized: BIS_fnc_selectRandom function
    Improved: Slammer damage visual indication
    Adjusted: Collision damage coefficient for Darter to make landings a bit easier
    Changed: Class property of fuel station feed from house to vehicle
    Changed: Parent class of PlayGround_base_F from Static to HouseSmall
    NATO technicians replaced optically camouflaged suspension of Slammer tank with a more powerful traditional variant
    Showcase AAF: Buzzard will try to avoid collision with objects on runway again
    Mortar has new UI icon and various visual tweaks
    Opacity of black alpha in 3D scopes reduced
    Reduced power of 120mm APFSDS (armor tweaking)
    Repaired camo selections of HEMTTs and Zamaks
    T-100 commander gun is more fragile
    Functional mirrors for Gorgon
    HEMTT models have been reworked (proxies have been merged into the models for better performance)
    Minor key presets improvement. Zooming in and out mapped on mouse side buttons in all presets by default. It might be more convenient for some users then to have it on Numeric keys by default (though that is still available).
    Update of backpack equipment. Introduced new backpack for divers of all factions.
    Changed muzzle damage reductions to 0.8, for 0.7 was too much for new protection levels, resulting in too many hits required for a kill.
    Grenade damage levels set according the new soldier protection levels. Introduced greater difference between HE Grenade and Mini Grenade. HE Grenades now act as heavier and more powerful defensive grenades, Mini Grenades are lighter, can be throw much further away, but do less damage.
    Anti-personnel explosives damage levels set according the new soldier protection values.
    Optimization of diver equipment for all factions
    APDS ammo for Independents removed from ammo boxes
    Sparks of Sabot hit should glow even at night now
    Tuned armor damage textures
    Functional mirrors for Marid
    Rear view mirrors for Marshall
    Reconfigured position and collision lights for all aircraft
    KIA animation tweaks and fixes. All KIA animations are now 2x faster (inside vehicles).
    KIA animation for injured passengers of medevac Zamak
    Removed obsolete proxy of HEMMT ammo
    Increased weight of Hand Grenade
    Configured navigation lights for boats (+ renamed memory points to English)
    Laser Designator is now consistent with other binocular types and could be lowered
    Minor tweaks in soldier equipment:
    Optimized magazine count across factions
    Introduced freshly overhauled Mini Grenades for Recon units
    Increased Chest rig capacity by 20%
    Spotters now possess Laser Designators instead of Range Finders
    Set up correct gear protection values for gear introduced with “Survive”
    Elevated throw angle by a little to better match arm movement and also put grenade little further by default
    Optimized APERS mine count between BLUFOR and OPFOR Recon demo specialists
    Optimized guerrilla team leader magazine count
    Story characters have been tweaked
    Decreased overall helmet protection to elevate importance of headshots
    Minor downgrade of heaviest vest to be less effective against explosives
    Minor optimization of soldier ammo loadouts
    Unified squad leaders and team leaders ammo count across factions
    Unified basic rifleman / scouts magazine ammo count across factions
    Changed OPFOR Urban brown tactical vests for black ones that suits their camouflage patterns much better
    Minor optimization of ammo bearers loadouts to increase their usability
    Optimized OPFOR Urban magazine counts and assistants equipment
    Showcase Combined Arms extraction chopper was not locked after players board it
    Khaki chest rig is now fully khaki
    Adjusted weights of Rice box to minimize PhysX sliding from gunfire
    Maxwell: Navigation waypoint is no longer attached to the briefing speaker unit but is attached to the briefing center object
    Assistant automatic rifleman renamed to asst. auto rifleman
    Equipment tweaks: 6 HE grenade shells were added for BLUFOR and OPFOR ammo bearers. INDEPs will not have them for they carry more machine gun ammo along with a heavier rocket type (NLAW). They should now serve as quite universal ammo loading points for different weaponry of the whole squad and thus provide robust supply support in contrast to specialized support of different Assistant units.
    Flipped emissive faces of position lights, renamed PositionLight selection to PositionLights and moved anti-collision lights from PositionLights selection to CollisionLights
    Unified class naming of heads - all NATOHeads have been renamed to WhiteHeads (that means just NATOHead_01 and 16 to 21, the rest was already correctly WhiteHead)
    Adjusted init scripts for vehicles to use setObjectTextureGlobal (
    Wheels of the Strider have been balanced to prevent their shadows to be cast in wrong direction
    Balanced cfgPatches class for LRR
    Disabled [inventory] map link in MP
    Radio Protocol: preview samples used in profile editor now include all speakers for each voice type
    Increased scroll speed of ComboBoxes
    Fixed: Campaign and Challenges menu inconsistency around expanding and collapsing trees
    Fixed: Priorities of disassembling static weapons and getting into them
    Fixed: Wheeled APCs damage balancing
    Fixed: Speed of tracks for most of the tracked vehicles
    Fixed: Gorgon turret animations
    Fixed: Wrong view geometry of wreck of Slammer, offset in wreck proxy position
    Fixed: MLRS launcher elevator animations
    Fixed: Setting number of respawn tickets to 0 resulted in unlimited tickets, and the other way around (MP Defend)
    Fixed: Blinking face in the thistle model
    Fixed: Cropping of the campaign overview text
    Fixed: OPFOR ACO now glows green in the dark (glowed red before)
    Fixed: Disappearing rain in relation to ATOC
    Fixed: It was possible to respawn on removed respawn position (
    Fixed: T-100 missing hitpoints of commander's turret
    Fixed: Empty LOD of T-100
    Fixed: ‘Locking’ of texture in rain Post-Processing
    Fixed: Crane glitches (
    Fixed: Walking on stairs of Cargo tower and Cargo patrol tower
    Fixed: GM6 Lynx 12.7mm 5Rnd Mag bullet trajectory (
    Fixed: Camos / PiP mirrors for armored vehicles
    Fixed: Camo selections of speedboats
    Fixed: BIS_fnc_sideName returned incorrect value type for unrecognized side ID
    Fixed: Propeller axes names (had redundant space in name)
    Fixed: TI on reserve wheels of Zamak trucks
    Fixed: Side score was displayed on the right bar even when "Multiplayer score" difficulty option was disabled
    Fixed: Point lights of mortar flares
    Fixed: Sabot hit effects produced wrong particles on some surfaces
    Fixed: Display name of 250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells_Tracer_Green
    Fixed: Showcase Night fog was not working
    Fixed: Showcase Night - player reporting first contact improved
    Fixed: Visual glitch on vest / assault pack
    Fixed: Launchers - launched rocket remained in inventory
    Fixed: Memory point names for fire effects of some vehicle weapons (coaxial on T-100 has effect on right place now)
    Fixed: Extended armor parameter coefficients for every respective difficulty. You should not be invincible anymore when playing on lower difficulty settings with extended armor on.
    Fixed: Incorrect mirror reflection in Offroads (
    Fixed: Ability to crawl inside DPP tank large (
    Fixed: Mismatched data for Laser Designator; it should now have correct texture even on the front
    Fixed: Labels on OK button in campaign menu
    Fixed: Mi 48 lower rotor blade was duplicated (
    Fixed: Missing "from binocular" animation for all states. Removed warp when changing stances in binocular pistol mode.
    Fixed: Stance transitions in pistol
    Fixed: Guerrilla editor groups
    Fixed: Time acceleration was not restored after Team Switch
    Fixed: Units in safe mode get stuck after exiting Ifrit and helicopters
    Fixed: Getting stuck in the roof at Mike 26 (
    Fixed: Damaged factory missing / broken texture (
    Fixed: Land_Net_Fence_Gate_F very hard to interact with (
    Fixed: Missing classes of Altian Radio Protocols
    Fixed: Showing loading screen in BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen sometimes delayed the rest of the script by several milliseconds
    Fixed: Scripting error when no respawn position was found
    Fixed: LRPS and DMS now have correct optic type for AI
    Fixed: Armed offroad is enterable as a co-driver from the right side (
    Fixed: Campaign weapon persistency issue
    Added: Ability to set forced sector owner using: [,] call BIS_fnc_moduleSector
    Added: centerSize parameter for visible point lights
    Added: Script command getClientState
    Added: Unit playback by BIS_fnc_unitPlay can be now terminated by calling:
    Added wrench icon to command menu of FIA engineer
    Added: New function BIS_fnc_jukebox
    Added: PositionLights selections for boat models and mapped emissive materials
    Added: Alpha version of BIS_fnc_exportCfgVehicles
    Added: BIS_fnc_objectType and BIS_fnc_itemType - functions to return category and specific type of an object or a weapon respectively
    Added: Side-specific diver goggles
    Added: IR grenades to the gear of Squad Leaders, JTACs, Spotters and Specialist Assistants of all factions
    Added: Compass to all positions in Speedboat
    Added: List of units that are being inserted to Editor > Insert Group
    Added: Icons for OPFOR Urban Harness vest variant
    Added: BIS_fnc_crewCount - returns number of crew positions in vehicle
    Added: BIS_fnc_importImageLinks function
    Added: More names into full credits
    Added: Empty ORBAT sizes
    Added: numberOfWindows parameter to structures and restructured position of numberOfDoors
    Added: More controller schemes
    Various Steam Workshop improvements:
    Offline play of subscribed Workshop missions including saves is now possible
    Scenarios sorting by name, time subscribed and rating (applicable only for Workshop missions)
    Subscribed and published items are cached now - no more reloading each time
    Publish process is now adding Altis, Stratis, OtherMap tag depending on map used for scenario
    Querying and caching of Steam Workshop mission author name (displayed in Scenarios)
    Fixed: Adding tags during Steam Workshop publishing
    Using newest Steam SDK 1.26
    Sorted: Mission status bar data structure
    Light shafts disabled at night
    Focus is set to first mission in list (applies to Scenarios, Challenges, Showcases)
    Adjusted white glow and overall glow size of runway lights
    shiningAdjustable material can be now controlled by config
    If a weapon is removed from a unit because of the animation set, its classname is now stored in unit's namespace so it can be retrieved
    createUnit function now spawns unit with default 0.5 skill (
    Merged RV core fix: squad.xml limited to 1024 kBytes to prevent it causing server issues
    Skill of a unit of a group inserted in the editor now ranges from 0.4 (Pvt.) to 0.7 (Col.)
    New parameters for MarkerLight to set blinking pattern (blinkingPattern and blinkingPatternGuarantee, to be documented)
    Changed which entities should have lower priority in calculatePriority selection
    Team members are ordered according to their numbers
    Adjusted sun flare underwater
    Fixed: Wrong direction of the rain particles
    Fixed: Performance issue caused by fog
    Fixed: UI event handler "unload" returned 'true', which removed all other event handlers of the same type
    Fixed: In-game video stuttering (OGV)
    Fixed: vonCodecQuality-related crash
    Fixed: Campaign menu expand button behavior
    Fixed: setWeaponReloadTime command
    Fixed: vehicle player removeMagazineTurret ["SmokeLauncherMag_boat", [-1]] crashed the game
    Fixed: Bug that throws an error if no default variable is used and the parameter doesn't exist
    Fixed: Backpack - "Take item" action not working
    Fixed: Duplicating items through "Take item" action
    Fixed: Full-auto shooting in prone position doesn't stop when throwing a grenade
    Fixed: Grenades cannot be thrown in Splendid Camera anymore
    Fixed: Drowning crew in helicopters
    Fixed: Correct override of the setObjectTexture message in JIP array (,
    Fixed: Inability to heal certain hitpoint areas
    Fixed: AI soldiers now can heal hitpoints damage properly
    Fixed: [MP DS] Unable to change uniform, vest, backpack from crate
    Fixed: Unsynced trigger names on loaded MP games (loaded from save)
    Fixed: Bridges with descruct="no" will be properly indestructible now
    Fixed: Crash when using setParticleFire without particle initialization
    Fixed: Changed non-entity items to be ignored by CheckCursorActionTarget
    Fixed: Unable to transfer a magazine to inventory when your weapon is empty
    Fixed: Equipment in inventory could go missing
    Added: Commands triggerTimeoutCurrent / waypointTimeoutCurrent
    Added: Command setParticleFire
    Added: Mission status slots are now clickable
    Added: Function isInitialized

  • TheBigC
    Re: Todays patch

    All the servers are updated...

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  • MadSoloSniper
    Re: Todays patch

    LRPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . .WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO . . . . . already been practicing . . . . looks like the modeled it on the Nightforce (they look like Nightforce rings. Makes 800+ a little easier (VTS Rest mod would help with that even more . . . . just sayin . . . wink)

    "various fishing gear"?? . . . . . huh??? . . . . . lol

    All good stuff. I like the way the new chopper flies as well.

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