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New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

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  • New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

    First of all, if this is misplaced/already answered, feel free to close the thread. I found all the introductory threads to assume some knowledge of the Game from the reader.

    Ill try and keep the post short but some background first; Ive been playing the Battlefield franchise on TG ever since 2142 so Im not new to the TG way of playing. I also enjoy Simulation games a lot, but Ive only played Flight Sims before (IL-2 Sturmovik mainly). Ive head ArmA is to shooters what IL-2 or Falcon 4 are to Flight Sims.

    From a couple of videos Ive seen of ArmA 3 here on the forums I gather the enemy is AI, and that missions are played on a persistent server sort of like how a cooperative campaign would go on a Flight Sim. However I have no idea if this is accurate at all.
    Could anyone explain to me how ArmA works so I can asses if its worth my money? (in Argentina U$S 60 is a TON of money).
    How long do missions usually take?
    How many people does it usually take to start a mission?
    Can someone join in the middle of a mission or would I have to wait for everybody to finish and start a new one before I can join in?

    TLDR; can you explain a total newbie to the ArmA world what ArmA is so he can figure out whether to buy the game or not?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

    1) mission length can be anything from a few minutes to many hours, or like in the arma 2 days with the persistent missions, a couple days
    2) depends, right now I only see people on around 0100 to 0500 Zulu so thats usually where all the packed action is at for now
    3) most missions are normally join-in-progress friendly

    since arma 3 is a sandbox game theres no limitation on what can be done in the game, then again it can also be boring in many ways. its a game of patience - theres servers that have PvE and others have PvP
    here in arma TG its all about following military procedures, trying to do a mission the way it is supposed to be done
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      Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

      You just missed the sale. The most popular Arma played here is coop, not a lot of pvp and missions can be 30 minutes up to three or four hours. It can take as little as two people to start but gets going good with six on up. Most of the missions on our server have join in progress , we are very helpful to new players and try to make them feel welcome. We have some very skilled mission makers here in TG Arma, most of our Sunday events are home grown missions. There are a lot of keyboard commands to learn with a pretty steep leaning curve but we will help you along, if you are willing to learn we won't leave you hanging out on your own. In the single player part of the game you can get the feel of the game, the controls, weapons and equipment. Arma is the only multiplayer game that I play so I am surly biasd about if its worth the time and money, the only way you will know is to buy it and we will see you in the field.

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        Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

        Red Storm,

        First of all welcome to the ArmA side of TG, looks like you have signed up some time ago and have been with us in some capacity since 2008 (awesome!!!!). This crowd is always eager to welcome a new (and even the "possibly new") player to the team. If there is ever anything we can help with feel free to post and we'd be happy to help.

        At TG we play both TvT and AI missions but Chief is correct in that most of our missions are run as player vs. AI. You're not far off in your assessment of ArmA and how it sets up. I think of it as more of a "Military Simulation" then a game and the elements of the "reality" of battle are ever present in ArmA just as they are in real life. . . .Planning, advance, teamwork (big on team work here at TG - one of our strong points), execution with a good dose of fun.

        Most missions are executed within a reasonable time-frame (depending on the mission and the group) from "not long" to "sorry honey I'm staying up all night for this one". We have a dedicated group of excellent players who pride themselves on their professionalism and teamwork and we ALL work very hard to help new squad members integrate into the group (another strong suit of TG).

        Missions can be started with as few as ONE, but you will usually find a good group of players on at all hours of the day and night. We do have missions that allow for JIP (join in progress) so joining us in the middle of a good firefight can be done, it just may take a little time to get you "to the action" if you are joining in and we're all away from the initial starting point, but again the missions we run and the Squad Leaders we have allow for that and get new JIP players to the action as quickly as they can.

        We run training missions and help new players with "learning the ropes" even if you join a mission and have no "boots on the ground" experience. Feel free to contact one of the Admins (me included) and any of us would be happy to help you get started and even run you through some training (look for TGU Instructors - again me as well) to help you with the "learning curve" of the game (and we are building more training even as I write this to help with just that).

        We'd love to have you Red Storm, just know we are built on "team work" at TG. As long as you are good with joining a group and working as a team, you'll fit in great.

        Let me (or any of the guys here) know if you have any other questions and give us a shout when you decide (no matter what you decide) and we'll help you get "into the team".

        Talk to you soon,

        MadSoloSniper (Solo)


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          Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

          Good to see you are scouting around the other titles we support at TG. This is probably our best asset here beyond the people and the mature teamwork is that you can take lessons learned from the community and try out another flavor. ArmA is a full 7 course meal of a game let me assure you.

          Most of our games are vs AI. There is a good number of people who enjoy the TvT here but there is always the issue of getting them in the server at the same time. It's much easier to have a seeder mission vs AI and grow the players. For this join in progress (or JIP) is essential. There can be any type of mission you can think of however. If you are looking for a simulation of modern combat (some might make the point of near future combat) then you have found the right game. The only part it is lacking is a naval fleet and some more air assets.

          There are missions for fast and furious action and missions for long stealth insertions. There is no limit to what you can dream up using the in-game editor and some simple scripts. Content will always be fresh because community made content is what drives this forward with ever better scenarios, features and even assets when you start adding in mods.

          Well worth the cash. Just don't expect fast food wait times with getting used to the controls. You will find more TG friends here that will easily get you up to speed. I find that the MP environment is much better suited to getting the hang of this game than messing around in the SP but every person finds their own way.

          Hope to see you in game Red Storm!
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            Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

            Thank you guys for the replies.

            I've been investigating the game a bit more, and checking out the Event posts you make on this forum and it indeed seems like the kind of game I could get into. I like Battlefield, but am a bit more inclined to slower paced games which favor preparation, strategy and tactics over twitch reactions. Ive spent an hour flying a WW2 Biplane 20 meters over the Mediterranean by compass and stopwatch to get 1 chance at a torpedo run against the Italian fleet at Taranto (by far the most epic and cinematic mission I ran with my old IL-2 fellows).

            Teamwork is pretty much the reason I keep coming back to TG every time I get my hands on a game you guys play year after year. I like to play military games in an organized fashion, keeping chain of command in mind and following orders. Ive always been more interested in the support roles such as transport pilot, scout/spotter, medic or Automatic Rifleman.

            I also like the fact that you do cooperative missions against the AI. I saw a video on youtube of a mission in which the one recording was also adding convoys and gunships to make the mission more difficult for his friends a la Dungeon Master in a D&D session.

            This game really interests me. USD 60 is still quite an investment though (even more so some 2 months after I spent USD 50 on BF4 Premium) so it might take me till next month to convince the wifey =) but Ill try and get my hands on ARMA 3. Ill let you guys know when that happens.

            Once again, thank you guys very much for the fast replies and warm welcomes.



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              Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

              With those interests and that attitude you will enjoy your time in ArmA with the TG ArmA group . . . I (and I'm sure the rest of the team members) look forward to seeing you at some point ""Red" . . . just remember, the "Tac" trailer is always open, stop in when you're ready, we'll be here.

              Have an awesome weekend,

              Solo . . . . out . . . . \ (that will mean more when you get "in game" . . . it's a salute - the key that throws one . . .wink)


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                Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

                To tag onto this thread, are most of the games played in ARMA3 or ARMA2 these days?

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                  Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

                  Mostly A3 at this point but a bunch of us are talking about some "throw back" missions . . .just working on timing and who would be interested.


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                    Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

                    Sorry if I'm threadjacking, but I've been out of TG for sometime now (last played BFBC2), but I've really missed the gameplay and style and was looking at a way to get back in and from what I see Arma 3 is what is really interesting to me right now, so I'm thinking once payday hits I'll jump in.

                    Any chance of seeing a TGU class for A3 anytime soon?
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                      Re: New to the franchise, should I buy ArmA III?

                      Yes you can . . and in the interim you can ask any of us (instructors or players - all are willing and we all look to help players get in the game) for some guidance and help to get you integrated in the game and the team.

                      Hit me or any of the ArmA TGU instructors with any questions. . . . also happy to drop into a MP mission with you and just go over some of the basics BEFORE you're in the heat of a fire fight.

                      I look forward to seeing you "in game" someday soon.


                      PS - more to come on the "instructor lead" class thing soon as well . . . yay!!!




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