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  • [INFO] Mid Week Mission Planning Peek

    A moment to talk from “behind the curtain” about the upcoming Sunday event.

    My goal is as close to a “real OP” as possible (well from an ArmA perspective at least). It’s not a frag fest, not a “few on many” kind of overwhelming operation, not a “run and gun”. I’m going for what I see and think a real OP should be like.

    The location is known ahead of time. The enemy forces will all be placed BEFORE the operation begins, and the movements will be as real as possible (with a few even more real than others – wink, but just a few). Intel will be given to command with as much precision as would most likely be available to them prior to a well-researched operation. No surprises other than what you find (no “right behind ya” spawns to keep you on your toes) if you clear a sector and it’s free, then the only thing that will be there is something that comes from beyond that range.

    The operation has specific parameters (objectives and limits). It’s not about “killing every object on the map”. It’s about getting in, getting the job done (in a timely manner) and getting out with all of the men and assets you brought. If that can be done without taking a shot (ok, not this one perhaps) then that should be the goal of the objective, just as in any real operation.

    With that comes some advanced planning, some intel, some consideration for the teams and their support, planning and coordination of movement and fire responsibilities, and a large part of “keeping them all alive and bringing them all back”. To that end the mission will be setup on “respawn tickets; now don’t worry, there will be a lot of them and no matter what happens the team should not run out. It’s just a measure (for the team) to see how the “real” is on running the OP as well. Plan approaches, plan building clearing and movements, recon the area before moving in, and the team as a whole should do well.

    Also (if it works as advertised) will be the addition of civies in the AO. Care should be taken as they are not part of the fight, they don’t want you OR the CSAT there, so we are their guests and are there to help (not frag them into oblivion). It also ads an element of “checking fire”, so confirm targets before pulling the trigger and make sure you and your teams know what you’re taking out. To that end Zeus will be keeping tabs on the number of Civies in the AO and how many are left when you guys depart (affects future missions – and adds even MORE realism).

    From a time perspective I’ve made it short. Not sure how it will play out with the addition of some of the new elements (civies, respawn tickets, realism in the approach) so I’m not expecting it to take more than an hour or so, but we’ll see. Once done, and if you guys want more “pain” we can look to extend it a bit more with some overwhelming odds, incomprehensible forces and wave after wave of things to shoot at . . . and get your adrenalin fix in on that front as well.

    Lastly, is the element of Zeus. The goal is to watch and manage the operation and the response of the opposing force to feel as “real” as possible. If a shot is fired don’t expect ALL of the EI on the map to converge (would we do that if someone attacked our base (all your base are belong to us – lol)) instead be prepared, be ever alert, these are not your average EI and they (with luck) won’t respond as such. Which in the end (me hopes) gives you guys a mission worth talking about.

    With that I move back behind the curtain (. . . “pay no attention to that” . . . oh never mind), more to come in the OPORD.

    Solo . . . . . out . . . . .\



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