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BLACK OPS - Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 1900Z

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  • [INFO] BLACK OPS - Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 1900Z

    . . . . . . . FLASH message

    Commanders should be advised that this mission does not, nor will it ever exist.

    Once on the ground your team will be on your own and need to achieve all objectives without support.


    Eliminate the HVT that is using the church at 100213 as his base of operations. The target sleeps at the church and takes a morning stroll beginning at 0530 for approximately 5 minutes. In that window he moves out from the church area into the open where your sniper / marksman should be able to eliminate the target at range.

    Mission Parameters:

    Insert at 103201 and rally at the demolished house in the valley.

    Proceed to the house on the hilltop at 096207 where your sniper / marksman should have a shot at the target at 0530.

    Once the target is eliminated the team should move to 096223 for extract.

    Avoid contact and only engage targets necessary to achieve the objective. Increased activity in the area will arouse the enemy and bring significant reinforcements.

    We do NOT have air superiority in the AO. We do NOT have assault or rescue forces to support the team once inserted. We do NOT have armor or anti-armor in the area to support a full response force.

    Force markers only represent those KNOWN enemy locations. enemy forces exist in the AO and are active at all times.

    AO Map attached:

    EOT . . . . . .

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    Re: BLACK OPS - Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 1900Z

    . . . . . . FLASH UPDATE

    Mission will launch Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 1900Z sharp (0430 Local Island time).

    TacticalGamer Team Talon will have one hour to get to the secure objective and setup for the mission to commence at 0530 Local.

    Drop zone will have additional assets as requested by the SL or anticipated by Command in the absence of any asset request.

    The AO will be LOCKED at mission start.

    Reinforcements should gather in the Tac Trailer (Lobby) and await orders.

    Contact this Command on SATCOM (TS) to let them know you are on station in the Tac Trailer.

    Local weather forecast to follow

    EOT . . . . . .
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      Re: BLACK OPS - Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 1900Z


      faus43 lglm 140945
      ltbj fa 140945
      synopsis and vfr clds/wx
      synopsis valid until 150400
      clds/wx valid until 142200...otlk valid 142200-150400
      lgts, lglm, lgva, ltbj
      See airmet sierra for ifr conds and mtn obscn.
      Ts imply sev or gtr turb sev ice llws and ifr conds.
      Non msl hgts denoted by agl or cig.
      Synopsis...ocfnt/cdfnt extds fm n cntrl ltbj thru wk low n cntrl
      tk-wrn. Wrmfnt extds fm n cntrl lgva-cntrl lglm. By 00z
      ocfnt/cdfnt wl extd fm nern lgts thru wk low ern lglm..contg to low
      wrn tk-n cntrl gc. Wrmfnt wl extd fm ern gc-ern. Hi pres area
      fm the med to the gc-islds wl mov sloly ewd.
      nwrn...sct120 sct ci. 18z sct-bkn120 tops 160. Otlk...vfr.
      Swrn...sct-bkn120 tops 160. Becmg 1518 bkn100. Isol -shra.
      Ern...sct060 bkn100 tops fl180. Isol -shra/-tsra. Cb tops fl400.
      Becmg 1821 bkn050 bkn100. Sct -shra/wdly sct -tsra. Otlk...mvfr
      cig shra.
      wrn...sct-bkn100 tops 160. Isol -shra/-tsra. Cb tops fl370. Becmg
      1518 bkn100. Wdly sct -shra/isol -tsra. Wnd nw g35kt. Otlk...vfr.
      Ern...bkn080-100 tops fl180. Wdly sct -shra/-tsra. Cb tops fl420.
      Otlk...vfr tsra.
      wrn hlf...sct-bkn040-050 sct-bkn100-120 tops 160. Isol to wdly
      sct -tsra. Cb tops fl400. 15z sct050 sct100. 20z sct-bkn100. Isol
      -tsra. Otlk...vfr.
      Ern hlf...sct040-050. Wnd sly g30kt. Otlk...vfr tsra.
      Otlk...Bkn clds vfr rgn.




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