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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Server 2 - Task Force Radio - Tues.Thur.Sat

    Fellow gamers, your admin team is pleased to announce that we are going to run a limited engagement on Server 2 with the mod Task Force Radio.

    Many of you will know that we have enjoyed some success with this mod recently and have learned how to build missions that keep some of the finer issues in check while using it.

    Server 2 should be up and running with Task Force Radio on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It will stop at 11:59pm EST(EDT) each of those days due to a limitation of the scheduling software.

    We are not looking at running further mods on this server for the foreseeable future. No other keys will be allowed except the CBA and the Task Force Radio. The admin team is looking for an improvement over using the current dropbox link to maintain version control. We will keep you updated on any progress. For now, reference the guide posted by B yesterday (he totally stole my thunder :row__691: )


    Just a few things to note:
    • Nothing changes on our mission type and gameplay. We are just adding improved direct coms and additional command channels with the use of this mod.
    • Server 2 will remain open to public players and it is up to the players to assist guests to our TS and mod installation if this is to be successful. The admin team is not here to provide technical support.
    • Addressing some concerns preemptively, if any elitist attitude develops the game is over. Server 1 remains our primary server and the same rules and expectations apply to both.
    • Remember, radio jargon is fine but don't let it get in the way of sound tactical maneuver on the virtual battlefield. The info and coordination is much more important than the form it comes in. Realism in tactics please and an inclusive attitude.
    • There will be additional requirements for missions to be posted for Server 2 with Task Force Radio. These will be announced in the Mission Development area.
    • Server 2 running is not a guarantee. There are many reasons it may be down. If it is down on a Tues, Thurs or Sat. Let an admin know but it may be down for a reason. (Arma is not the only thing in the universe you know)
    We've had some promising games while testing the use of this out. We hope you enjoy the continuation of this as we see how it may fare into the next phase of play.
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    Re: Server 2 - Task Force Radio - Tues.Thur.Sat

    Thanks for the info update, will continue to help testing this mod.


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      Re: Server 2 - Task Force Radio - Tues.Thur.Sat

      Sounds good ... a few more keybind changes and I'll be in radio heaven :)


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        Re: Server 2 - Task Force Radio - Tues.Thur.Sat

        :icon1: Needs more.... BATTERIES




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