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Spotty availability, sudden disappearance.

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  • Spotty availability, sudden disappearance.

    So for the last week I've had to suddenly leave mid game with very little notice. There is a reason for it and it involves other people.

    I wanted to apologize for those moments and let everyone know that it might happen again in the near future.

    So that being said, I'm still happy to command missions, but there are some circumstances that require my attention and in short notice.


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    Re: Spotty availability, sudden disappearance.

    Job Schmob, you let those people know that you are busy yelling at people on a video game to do your bidding. If they can't understand then you quit. Don't let those people control you.


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      Re: Spotty availability, sudden disappearance.

      I sure can relate. I have to drop suddenly at times and it's just the way it goes. You will see me playing other games mostly when it's my turn to be "on watch" at my house. I can drop from those games without disrupting everyone's game. Still, sometimes I've taken lead and then been pulled away and it's going to happen again. Being in my 40's I've got parents that need a little help now and then and quite obviously they have my attention before any game.
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