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The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

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  • The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]


    The lack of ACE in ArmA 3 is a bit of a frustration, both for the realism aspects it brings to the game and the additional assets that were available. However unless I'm missing something the ACE team have disbanded/given up/don't care and are remaining resolutely silent. Luckily there are a number of other mods that are filling the game play gap which have a much more open and friendly approach. The only issue is that it requires several mods to do what ACE used to do, however as most of them are small its an ok tradeoff I think.

    I've been trying some of these out on local multiplayer just to see what they are about. I'm not suggesting these for "Server 2" as I know the arguments against mods, however I thought it may be useful for people who want some mods for offline / non-TG play.
    The mods below don't add any new vehicles but just tweak gameplay.

    ASIDE #1: The plans for the A3 Steam Game launcher look promising as I've seen devs post on the BI forums that the aim is to have a "you need these mods for this server, do you want to install them now" feature.
    ASIDE #2: My current offline mod pack sits at 42 mods, mostly new/A2 islands and additional vehicles :) There are some brilliant ones out there.


    AGM - Authentic Gameplay Modification

    AGM for Arma 3

    * Small - 4MB.
    * Its completely open source
    * Its modular so you can rip out the bits you don't like
    * Highly configurable keyboard shortcuts

    * Not sure if pro or con but changes a lot of the in game vehicle names to their "real life" names
    * Haven't found a major one yet

    Key Features
    * Medical System with custom menu and hit areas, bandaging, blood loss, pain, patient transport
    * Weapons & Ballistics with new names, wind effects, weapon resting, backblast and weapon resting
    * Fire control system for tanks and APCs
    * Send civilians away or tell them to get down
    * Jumping while running/sprinting
    * Bigger coordinates & compass on the map

    In development (or on the roadmap)
    * Realistic vehicle weaponry
    * Logistics
    * Weapon overheating and barrel changes
    * Disposable launchers
    * Prisoner system

    Combat Space Enhancement

    Combat Space Enhancement | A total modification overhaul to ARMA 3

    * Small - 14MB
    * Really polished looking UI interfaces
    * Its modular so you can rip out the bits you don't like

    * Not open source as far as I can tell
    * Nothing else major yet

    Key Features
    * Combat Medical System with realistic injuries, symptoms, and effects, tools, drugs, triage and realistic procedures - looks pretty slick
    * Command and Control through an in game "tablet" including Blue Force Tracking, Route planning, and map marking
    * Logistics - carry and transport objects.
    * Advanced Interaction - search, arrest, biometric scanning
    * Name tags
    * Weapon resting

    In development
    * Optional thirst and hunger module
    * Enhanced Engineering - not sure which features this includes yet


    Real Armor

    Real Armor Mod

    * Teensy tiny at 9kB
    * Makes tanks more tank like
    * Replaces "hit point" system

    * Tanks are BEASTS so may require some mission balancing

    Key Features
    * Eliminates the "hit point" system
    * Damage based on armor penetration
    * Weapons iven penetration values based on their real-world equivalents
    * HEAT warheads and anti-HEAT armor can be implemented.


    LAxemann's Climb

    LAxemann's "Climb" - Enables basic climbing in ArmA 3

    * Tiny - 45kB
    * Makes the battlefield 3D by letting you climb through windows, over small walls etc
    * Buddy-lift system for climbing up bigger obstacles

    * Requires some weird key remapping I think

    Mag Repack

    * Small download - 25kB
    * Get rid of those half empty mags
    * Pack between compatible types e.g. 100rnd STANAG to 30rnd
    * Nice little UI bound to LCTRL+R

    * Ummm...

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    Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

    Not missing ACE. Some of it yes. But so much of the over-complication elements that have more to do with role play and less to do with adding to the tactics in a firefight...well not a fan of more time spent on the preparations. I don't mind the game but not taking care of the tedious preparations. I would like some kind of intermediate medical system. Something where you can be killed outright but also many degree's of injured. But the effect of the ACE medical system on experience on the server really slowed down the game far too much and added to missions getting bogged down. An endless pattern of moving the CCP up another 50m, and bring everyone back from death to 100%. I'm not a fan of the revive for that reason either. One day there will be a better solution somewhere in the middle and that doesn't involve a mod.

    There is lots of information about mods out there but we are not interested in setting up another exclusive content type server requiring mod content. Everyone is welcome to do what they like but remember that working together we can improve the player experience within TG.
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      Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

      Originally posted by Unkl View Post
      we are not interested in setting up another exclusive content type server requiring mod content
      Yep, as per my first post I'm not interested in starting another "server 2" discussion as I fully understand where that lies. The intention is more to summarise what's out there at the minute in case people are interested.


      The reason I think some of these mods are worthwhile for offline play is that they selectively improve the game play experience and add features which separate ArmA 3 from a generic shooter. E.g having backblast is a very simple feature but makes you think about your surroundings and the rest of your team before simply popping off a rocket. I play ArmA because it makes me think rather than just exercising my twitch reactions (which are poor). A lot of these mods push the game further from run and gun. As you say the trick is not to go too far towards the mundane, but I don't think any of these mods do that.

      As far as "realism" goes, well having never been in the military I have no idea what "realism" is meant to look like, and to be honest I'm not too fussed. All I'm interested in is fixing features that make me think "as if that would happen" and adding features where I think "I could definitely do that in real life". Being able to climb, repack mags and having armour with a bit more complexity fits into that category for me.

      Agree that medical systems can be hard to get right - my first TG ArmA 2 experiences was JIPing and joining up with the team just as they were engaged by a Vodnik. I had no idea what I was doing and within about five seconds of boots on the ground for the very first time I was hit and spent 10 minutes looking at a black screen ... welcome to TG! :) I like the sound of your "ideal" medical system, with a focus on wounding rather than revive. Rather than being passed out wounded soldiers could have reduced combat effectiveness and suffer from "micro-blackouts" like the old ACE fatigue effects until treated or dying from wounds. To be honest I've never really looked at revive scripts to work out what is achievable with script vs mod.


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        Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

        All I can say that from the stand point of playing with different sessions with and without mods, is that we spent more time setting up the comms and every movement having to click different keys to communicate on the von channels, stepping over each other, and on engagements comms break faster than a glass raquet, Only thing that I can say is that mods make more enjoyable the game,we also have the old maps, wehicles, medical system a plethora of mods to use, if setting up is the problem we have palyers capable of doing tech support


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          Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

          Mag repack also comes in a mission script variant... *cough, cough, Nudge*.

          Also, I'm looking at this A3 update today, and it looks like they're gearing up for the steam addons library, which would be a very convenient and easy way to add mods, and then take them back off.
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            Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

            Ah cool, didn't realise there was a script for mag repack! I haven't had a chance to test today's update beyond running a few missions to see if there are any new script errors, but the new fatigue sounds interesting.


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              Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

              I played the boot camp for a bit. It is interesting and a cool way to get people into the game, I actually enjoyed it.


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                Re: The current state of "realism" mods [July 2014]

                (HAIL CSE)... what? didn't say a thing...

                CSE is highly worked on. To be honest I haven't seen a crew yet working on their A3 Mod as hard as thoose guys. I like it especially because it's light weight, modular, highly maintained (Major Bugs which were extremly unexpected fixed in less than a day!) and uses already existent and bug free funtions of ArmA3 Vanilla not adding too much weird stuff which could end up eating too much ressources or destroying the server. Tested it a day ago with a dude and some volunteers on a freshly and fast set up ArmA 3 server. Worked like expected: Smaller issues with CMS (nothing high weight - for example ramming into a car and have bleeding but unable to treat - will be fixed in 0.2 or 0.3).
                We did not include the Command and Control module.

                Sure this is Alpha Phase but If thoose guys keep working like they currently do, one can expect a test-ready version (with major bugs fixed) for multiplayer servers of medium populated communities in less than 2 months. Currently CMS for A2 runs pretty cool and they used a lot of stuff out of that concept in CSEs CSM mosule for A3.
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