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  • having a look at it...

    (Found nothing like a 'Heeeeey me back need infos'-thread so...)

    some of you might still remember me (not necessarily as the most cooperative one). Left in late 2012. Ended up staying at UO, but I think about leaving that place as well as it gets flooded by tsunamis of retards lately ruining our tactical gameplay.
    Xor poked me a few days back, tellin' me that I should visit the server. You guys had 'bout 1 1/2 years - kinda got me interested in what direction you guys developed.
    So I though I might check out on that. Especially because one told me that Dimi is semi-back to this place - sounded promissing.
    Currently my graphics card is in RMA - Damn R9 290 no doing what it is supposed to. Will look by at the server when that piece is back - hopefully in a working state.

    Got a few questions:

    - As far as I heared all I need is A3 with Task Force Radio, right?
    - What are the times people play at - fridays and sturdays. No other day available currently. (GMT+-0 if possible)
    - The fact that quiet a lot players left - Is there still something like a european players base? I mean: back then we were able to populate the BRAVO with three handful of players. What are our numbers now? What are the overall active numbers on regular firdays and saturdays?
    - What kind of missions are you guys playing?
    - And what is very important to me: Is the medical system still on GOAT-Level?

    - PJ
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    Re: having a look at it...

    Pax. Hop in and find out for yourself.

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      Re: having a look at it...

      Welcome back Pax, go here for instructions on dl mods needed; We do not use mods on all missions nor everyday on the servers, we have a lot of new missions and are starting to rebuild our player base. We have a good mix of old, not so old and new players, still the TG way. Most nights are pick up games, Tactical Tuesday is still going with thurs, fri and sat growing and usually a Sunday event. There is no special and not so special servers anymore, just one player base working together without the drama. See you in the field.


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        Re: having a look at it...

        Pax? Pax who? ha ha! Just kidding. Good to see you again. one thing I might suggest to you, and anyone else for that matter, is this little launcher here: Arma 3 Game Launcher by Head updated - Tools - Armaholic. I've found it to be super useful for switching back and forth between all my presets and vanilla set-ups.

        The Medical system is usually a simple revive script, where medics can revive using an IFAK. Of course this depends on the mission at hand.
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          Re: having a look at it...

          (at)Dimi: Will do when card is back in the reg
          (at)Chief: Sounds fair - Is this just like a 'TG special install' or can I simply add this to a costum PwS-Preset for ArmA3?
          (at)Shoomfie: So you douged the mighty electrical swatter huh? Good to see ya. Because of the launcher: Is there a problem using Play with Six? That usually works like a charm for me. Will take a look at the revive stuff & IFAK stuff. I think I better do not excepct anything satisfying.

          - PJ


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            Re: having a look at it...

            Hi Pax, I remember you from when I joined at the end of the A2 days ... I think you must have revived me about 5-10,000 times on Bravo Server as I was learning which way the gun pointed :) The zip file for the correct addon versions is linked on the TS channel for server 2 (or at least it was). When I installed with PwS a while back the versions weren't compatible for some reason so I just manually installed with the ZIP. I put these in the game directory, then I have a separate mod directory on another HDD which PwS manages so the two don't trip over each other.

            As Chief said some of the old faces aren't in as much as they used to be but there are some great new guys and we've had some fantastic missions with and without mods.

            I'm in the "Euro Zone" as well... sometimes its a bit quiet during the week unless you can get on and play later in the evening (I'm normally trying to wind down at that stage during the week). I never really have an issue finding a game on the weekend when I log in after around 7pm London time. I'm almost always there Sunday from 1900Z and never alone! Hope to see you on (and not get revived by you another 10,000 times :))


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              Re: having a look at it...

              I think you must have revived me about 5-10,000 times on Bravo Server as I was learning which way the gun pointed
              Sadly I have to admint that I don't :/ I just remember that I had a few peoples here I always took some extra med-sups with me when they joined the mission... especially BL1P -.- he ALWAYS needed 2 extra medkits.




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